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  1. Mine is way off even when the temp is higher, when it's showing 50C in reality it's close to 100C. I have an adjustable power supply hooked to the heated bed so I can control the temp with that so at least I'm able to use the bed. I now have a heated chamber too as just the heated bed was causing horrible cracking on larger parts.
  2. I am having this problem too with more or less the same setup. I have a relay hooked up to the heater output and soldered on the 4.7k resistor and attached an epcos 100k thermistor. I built the firmware using the online marlin builder. Now the first problem is that it's showing 1.6 degrees for the temperature, which is about 20 degrees off. The second problem is that it's not activating the relay so nothing happens. Any ideas?
  3. I had the 64bit version installed yes. I was able to get it working now though, the problem was that I had renamed the extracted pypy dir to match the original dir in the cura folder. For some reason that was not good but now it works.
  4. I'll borrow this thread a bit as I'm also having problems running Cura in linux. After installing the missing python stuff I can get Cura to run and open the model with it just fine. But when I hit "Prepare print" I immediately get the something went wrong during slicing error message, the log doesn't show anything either so I'm not sure what to try here. I installed/downloaded pypy 1.9 from the official website but that made no difference. I'm running cura 12.10 in Opensuse. I'd use windows for this but unfortunately I have a pretty large model that hits the 2gb limit.
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