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  1. Snowy, Wow you are a grouch! LOL Let me dissect your response: 1. A brief amout of research will find that even college students have been using these printers to produce proof of concept prototypes for various people and making a profit off them. Enough to assist with their college tuition. I also do not believe they are being used to the extent that they could, or that I would in order to produce items. I also do'n think that any buyer of items wishes to have the item within moments. Even with the big commercial grade units there is a lead time, the least of which would be a range of
  2. Okay, I have been doing a lot of research into the 3d printers and rapid prototyping machines. I've decided to get into 3d printing as a possible secondary income, but I want the best bang for the buck. One comparison article I read touts the ultimaker, but I'm curious about the real comparisons of the print quality and smoothness. Pictures and video only go so far. At this point, I see conflicting information online about the quality of the resolution between printers and see prints that seem as high as the ultimaker, but I want info from those of you who have seen real comparisons in the
  3. Actually, I live around Louisville, KY, we have a FED EX and UPS hub here and shipping to all parts of the US is reasonable from here, and quick! Louisville would be a great place for a distributor.
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