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  1. I’m an Application Engineer for Ultimaker in the U.S. and if you email americas@ultimaker.com and mention my name I can help you with a benchmark print. Or just DM what part and material you’re after. I saw and responded on Reddit as well. We’ve had customers (Sylatech) use PLA for investment casting parts. An even better low-ash material is PolyMaker PolyCast and currently used by foundry houses. Luis Rodriguez
  2. Hard to say, maybe the wifi card got loose in shipping? You're not doing something wrong. It is supposed to work without any other intervention beyond the UI switch. Reseller contact is best. Sorry for the troubles, just a momentary setback.
  3. Ultimaker has an office at New Lab, not only do they use them but nearly every hardware startup in the building. You might be able to visit them. Your MakerBot story has been told over and over and over, unfortunately. Are Ultimakers perfect? No, but you can run just about any material known to man and a HUGE community of third-party products exists around them. Alternatives to glass build platforms etc... The one problem I have with the S5 is the wifi disconnecting during a long build. It is annoying but will be fixed with the next firmware. What has been lifesaving is the printer pausing when filament runs out on a 6 day build. I simply went through the filament change routine, hit resume and went away. I print large prints over 2=6 days with zero worries. KPF architects using them worldwide. You never said your budget but Um's range from $3400-$6k for dual extrusion capable printers. $2500-$3k for a single extrusion model. The only problem I have with 3d hubs ratings is this only represents hubs operators that may use our machines for business. It is my understanding the 50-60% of our sales are to the professional market. The next 20-30% is into the education market. The rest are a mix of small business and individuals. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help.
  4. Yep, that worked great! Combing Not in Skin, this is Fast Mode, BTW.
  5. Actually it looks like Combing All and Combing Off seem the same? I think Maybe Combing Not in Skin might work? I'll try it. I'm in the same town as Nathan. ? I'm printing one now in Spiralize because it looks perfect for this. Especially with a .8 core. I'll try Combing Not in Skin to test your intended result. Combing Not in Skin Combing All Combing Off
  6. Have you looked into using support ONLY for the Support Interface? The support is printed with your main material. It saves your support material consumption, and money!
  7. Hello, Nathan! Looks like I need to come visit! This is a Spiralize Outer Contour (Special mode) print? I'd be happy to try printing the model for comparison on my S5.
  8. Oh no! I'm not sure. I was able to use it but I'm on Windows 10 at the moment.
  9. go to view all versions and scroll down to Beta
  10. I assume it's coming soon? Walk over to that dept and poke them.
  11. There is a direct link in sanders post: Gotten curious? Download Ultimaker Cura 3.3 Beta here
  12. Yep, do NOT use the stock core or you will bore out the nozzle and wear down the tip. There is a third-party solution from 3d Solex that people use pretty successfully. You'll want to buy the HardCore EVERLAST Ruby Sapphire Nozzles for abrasives. U.S. Supplier https://thegr5store.com/store/index.php/um3upg.html Info http://3dsolex.com/product/um3-hardcore/
  13. Maybe here? https://github.com/Ultimaker/um-kernel
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