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  1. That is not the normal place for probing. Rerun the 'Calibrate the Lift Switch' under Maintenance | Calibration As a quick check, are the x and Y motor screws loose? They are on the outside of the machine. 4 screws per motor.
  2. Did you udpate with Wifi or USB? There are two firmware vs depending on the S5 design. You should use the one for the Ultibot design. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52601-update-the-ultimaker-s5-firmware?download=%2Fen%2Fresources%2F52601-update-the-ultimaker-s5-firmware
  3. If you email support, they will walk you through how to do maintenance and repairs yourself. That is always faster. We just don't want you to accidently make things worse. Personally, I'd love a way to actually vacuum away debris vs low it everywhere inside. https://ultimakernasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  4. What brand of filament are you working with, by the way?
  5. Good ideas and I can understand the confusion, I’ll report this to support, the apparently useless wiggle is actually used to make sure that filament breaks and falls instead of get pulled into a print. Personally I thought about constructing or printing a slender waste bin to insert on each side and collect those. Maybe even incorporate a silicone edge to wipe the nozzle. But for now I just collect and remove the purge.
  6. While technically possible the recommended support training is to disconnect the Bowden tubes from the feeder bottom, cut the filament at the entry hole and pull from the back. We don’t want filament to break and fall back into the merger and into the wrong place, leading to a time-consuming tear down. Breaking filament is usually from old filament or some event that caused a ground down section that is weak and prone to breaking when pulled on. Just my suggestion. Starting purging may get more optimized in future firmware releases, we don’t want to change the end sequence since that nice clean tip (audible break) is also key to avoid contamination in the material station components.
  7. @TheRealJoost Did you ever email the America's inbox? Let's shorten the chase here. I am an Application Engineer for Ultimaker that helps companies in Canada, the United States, Mexico and South America. If your request was made it would go to a reseller or me. Let me know what I can help, what material, and what you are after. I forgot what your company makes and what you;d be printing. As you are aware, many factors to consider on a print from surface quality for visual prototypes to large and robust applications for robot arm end effectors, custom vise jaws or even prototypes. It is really going to be up to your own preference for what you are willing to pay for or what time you are willing to spend adjusting base profiles for your own needs. We do pride ourselves on having many profiles to get you started, that is why the software is free. You are open to try it now with a myriad of printers out there. Many, many companies, use Cura or the Curaengine in their own products. DM me or just email me at l.rodriguez@ultimaker . I am located in Kansas City.
  8. This issue has been resolved. Please contact support (or me) to get the patch. It will be included in the nest firmware for the S3. Thanks for reporting everyone!
  9. How were you connecting to the machine? Wifi, ethernet?And you enabled DEV mode? I can get this addressed if I have this info, thanks again!
  10. It has not been locked down. In fact SSH was never removed from the firmware. Could you share your logs with me so I can get them in front of the Devs at HQ? They do not have any problem enabling Dev mode and using SSH. We are trying to figure out why some users are having this problem.
  11. No, this is incorrect, SSH was not removed. We are investigating why these users are not able to connect but engineers at HQ are.
  12. This is not accurate. We will have an status update Monday.
  13. This printer shipped in January of 2017 and I cannot find any support tickets for that serial number. If you change your mind, I'd be happy to assist you. I have no idea if you have ever asked your reseller or Support for help. Please let me know if either didn't. Ultimaker North America Support https://ultimakernasupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  14. Please contact your reseller and ask for 5.4.6 until the next update. While another firmware is coming, you can use it today. I have done so at a show. It will not be perfect but you will be able to use it.
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