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  1. Dear all I had big Problems with unreliability since I have UM1. (almost 2 years now.) To make it short: Finally I found out that the real temperature on the nozzle (measured with a separate Equipment at exactly the same place as the UM senosr) is far away and changing. After studying the chip documents, how to measure with a thermocoule as used here, I found following solution: Shield your sensor cables from sensor print until the sensor itself, Ground it at the sensor board. (soldering to the -pin). Position the sensor board verticall in the air, so both sides have the same temp
  2. Ich habe das selbe Problem. Bei mir bewirkt das plug in auch nichts. Ich nutze UM1 und Ulticontroller. Danke für ein Feedback Franz
  3. Dear Daid, the new SW has very good advantages, at least speed. But I got a really big Problem it already destroyed 2 fan ducts as it stops moving the axis at 56mm height but Releases material until you Switch off the unit in the morning. It melted together everything. How can I send you a Picture and the stl file so you could test yourself.. Regards Franz
  4. Dear Daid, I made it even simpler. I just connected a solid state switch: Selectron HRT D 4805L to Arduino A0 I connected a simple on/off/monentary switch to the 2 240VAC pins of the solide state relay. At the end of print I insert the M81 command It works fine Regards Franz
  5. Dear all, finally I got my heated bed working fine. Thanks for your help. I could make use of Daids firmware setup program and then connect my heated bed. I use 100k NTC and an extra power supply controlled by a relay connected to the HeatBed output. Bed temperature is about +/- 3°C close what seems ok. Now I will make some trials. Best regards Franz
  6. Dear flip I do not know how to make the firmware seeing temperature end to control heater. If the frimware would do it and the ulticontroller too, then the hardware is no problem I can do that. Thanks for your help Franz
  7. Dear Filipo, thanks for your reply. If I could use the heated bed with the Ulticontroller I would do it. I would connect a Relay, which I have already bought and mounted to the Heta Bed 1 Output and the thermistor to the Heat Bed 1 input. What do I need to do then in the Software or is everything ready to be used? I am not an expert in programming the firmware. Many thanks for your feedback. Franz
  8. I use UM with the Ulticontroller. I have a heated bed with an external controller and display. I want to switch it off after printing. To save power and to cool down. How can I do this without connecting a PC to UM? Thanks Franz
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