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  1. Why should i buy an ulticontroller??? swapping SDcards all the time is not my thing.. While i'm printing through USB on my UM1 Original, i surely can do a lot more work.. Creating, converting to STL and in Cura to GCode and then instantly printing works a lot faster then putting my work to SDcards... Why not putting the ulticontroller-menu into Cura so all functionality can be used by USB too??? My computer is a multitasking- machine which allows me to use cura, solidworks, internet and a lot of other programs simultaniously... never had a problem with that. The only advantage, as i see it, is that with an ulticontroller you can do prints without turning a computer on, but mine is always on...
  2. Your very clear example makes me wonder... If an axis slows down like you calculated, will this effect the filamentfeader? When the axis slows down to 70 and filament is still pushed for 100, wouldn't that give a bit more filament at those slowdown positions?? Or will the filamentfeader/extruder automatically adjust??
  3. lumeria

    Sneak peek...

    I notice the "ViewMode"-button is gone.. Also the "PreparePrint"-button is gone and the "Print"-button has a progressbar beneath it... The "Preparing Print"-bar at the bottom of the Cura-screen is not there.. Can't tell if slicing or printing is in progress, but the two green blocks look like they're floating.. Could they be a visible layer-indicator of a used plugin like "Pause at height" ? For me the green blocks can be anything, even a manual positionable, adjustable supportstructure if 'Exterieur support only' is just to much and 'None' to less...
  4. lumeria

    Sneak peek...

    Ahhhh... A new timerbelt... :-P And a brandnew Steam Engine Beta.. That's great Daid, keep up the good work How much water will be needed to keep it pressurized?? :shock:
  5. Hi Gijs, I've ordered a roll of the Signal Yellow and it's just perfect.. It seems to me that it prints even a bit smoother than just PLA, the pricing is very ok and the thickness is very constant (2,85mm).. I think we have a top-quality-product here..
  6. My hot is broken. It was leaking filament on top of the aluminium block. In preventing filament melting over the temp and heater elements I removed the hot end. Trying to fasten the piece on top of the alu-block, it broke off... Just did 1 print on a brand new machine and already in need of a new hot end... :oops:
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