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  1. Hi Robert, thanks for the reply. I got it half way with the heat, but can't go any further. Any advice on lube?
  2. Hi, My hot end jammed, and I didn't feel like messing too much with it while it was on the machine, so I ordered a new set of parts for the hot end. BUT when I tried putting the heating element into the new aluminum block, it only went half way and then it got stuck there, now I can't take it out or put it further in. What would be the best way to lubricate the hole/heating element and remove/push further that part? Thanks.
  3. hmm. default latest Cura still prints better for me than default newest Netfabb, volumetric, with reset machine settings. and yet i see people with really really good outputs with no post-processing, and it makes me wonder what am i doing wrong.
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