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  1. I noticed the same problem with my new UM. I measured one of my pulleys was wobbling by 0.38mm, very noticeable. Which means the hole is 0.19mm off from centre. The other pulleys seem ok. I don't think it is caused by the deformation pressure from the grub screw. I think the bore hole is drilled off centre. I will definitely need to replace it, as this will cause my models to be in error up to +/-0.19mm at the point closest to the bad pulley. I've looked around for a stock replacement pulley (in the US) and cannot find any 20 tooth MXL pulleys with a 8mm bore. It makes me think an o
  2. Thanks for the tips! I'll give the lower temp a try and I'll try lying him down, But I'm not sure I understand your two stage print idea. What we need is zero gravity! Anybody on the ISS with an UM willing to give Homer a try? If not has anybody tried printing with the whole UM tilted at an angle?
  3. Here's a photo of them side by side to show what I mean. Homer on the left is my original printed standing upright, with no support (50mm tall, 220c 50mm/s) Homer on the right was the one tilted back 30deg with support (40mm tall 220c 50mm/s). The support material was mainly around the base of the model, and there were two pillars of material supporting the back of his head Notice also his chin area is still not that good only marginally better than the original. Is this the best that can be done with this model? or are there any other tricks that can be tried? How does the other
  4. I did another print with Homer leaning back 30deg so that there was less of an overhang under his chin. The quality of his chin was still not very good. I probably need to make him lean back further. I also enabled 'exterior support'. Although the support worked, the quality of the surface was very poor after removing the support. I guess this feature is not perfected yet.
  5. Thanks for the explanation. I'll probably end up rotating it as suggested.
  6. Thanks for the tips... I was going to mention the 'scar' What is the cause of the 'scar'? Is it backlash? (due to loose belts which I should tighten) or is it overshoot? (possibly needs to be printed at a slower speed, or change the deceleration in the software/firmware) cheers -mike
  7. Hi, I made my first print yesterday... and I am very excited and pleased with the amazing quality ... For print number 5 I downloaded Homer Simpson, and he came out mostly perfect, except for some unsightly stubble. (see piccie below) I've seen similar issues on this forum. I'm assuming the hanging strands are that due to overhangs? What's the best way of dealing with this? should I try: 1) Rotate him so he's leaning back so his chin doesn't overhang so much 2) In Cura enable one of the support structures settings 3) Change some of the print settings speed/temp/layer thickness etc.
  8. Hi, I just got my UM working. I used the bed leveling wizzard which I found very useful. Thanks! However I had the following problem:- When it moved the head to the Back Right (looking at the machine) the adjustment screw for the bed is blocked by the extruder fan, and therefore I was unable to adjust the Back Right height. Is it possible to change the cura bed leveling coordinates for the four corner positions? 1) Change the Back Right coordinate so it does not block access to the adjustment screw 2) Change the X coordinates for all 4 corners so that the extruder head is in line wi
  9. Hi everyone, I got one from Santa too! I'm looking forward to making various prototypes for mpyprojects ... mpymike
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