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  1. I have the pleasure to announce that the OctoPanel is now available on the iPhone AppStore !
  2. No, it don't use bonjour discovery yet. Maybe in a futur update. At the moment, you have to set the server adress of your OctoPrint, and the APIKey (possibly to scan the QRCode). I added a video on the 1st post :-)
  3. Hello, I developed an iPhone application able to manage any 3D printer connected to an OctoPrint server. The application is not on the store yet and I'm looking for beta tester. The main features of the app : - Webcam visualisation. - Full dashboard (temperatures, progress, remaining time...). - Full control of your 3D Printer including movement, pre-heat and extrude functionalities. - Listing of the Gcode availables (from local and SDcard). - Start a new print. - Full settings on the app (temperatures, reverse axes, movements step). - QRCode scanning for the API Key. OctoPanel is ab
  4. You should right, I havn't think about this 2 points of view. And this kind of option could be nice. While this option is not available the first way schould be the default way. I think there is more prints with dense filament than transluent, isn't it ?
  5. I think there is a bug with combining option. When combining is enabled, everything work well, and Cura doesn't generate retraction when the nozzle stay on a already printed part. But there is a problem when you select the No Skin option. In fact, it's ok during the infil layers (there are no retraction) but the combining is disable for the skin layer and all the previous dense layer.. I think the No Skin option is used to increase the top surface quality, so I think it could be applied only on the last top layer, isn't it ?
  6. Hello, I finnaly tried to update CURA 2.3 to 2.3.1 yesterday. I export my material profiles before (to be sure to not loose them), then I updated the CURA app on my Mac. After launching the new Cura, my Printer disapear ! All my material was still here, but not my printer ? Hopefully I used Timemachine and I was able to restora the previous version of Cura including my printer profile, but I curious to know the best practice to update Cura without erasing all the settings we twicked with love and patience :-) Thanks
  7. Oh about support there is a bug in the Cura 2 version. I'de already open a topic about that. The team said that the bug will be fixed (partially) in the next release. The previsous topic : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/24036-cura-23-how-to-reduce-useless-retraction-with-support
  8. Is your Combing setting is enable ? And try with Zig Zag infil. This two options schould fix your issue.
  9. If the slicing time incresed too much, maybe you can activate the auto slice deactivatable feature... :-)
  10. I just saw that the version 2.3.1 was released. Is this bug is fixed in this version ? I saw in the release note : "Fixed an inheritance issue for dual extrusion." Could you explain more what it was fixed ?
  11. Oh really ? You find something wrong ? Great news !!!! I was afraid to havn't answer about that, or worse,that it was normal. Thanks !
  12. Anybody could share his best practice about the support generation ?
  13. Hello, I've got an issue with Cura 2.3 (I havn't this trouble with 1.15, and I have the same useless retractin with Simplify 3D that's why I stopped to used it to Cura 2). When I print a part with support (dual extrusion) I have a lot of useless retraction on the support. I tried different support Zig Zag, Grid, etc... but I have the same useless retraction. I tried with combing Off, All, No Skin... Same results. I tried to increse the minimum travel to 2mm... Nothing change. The modele I tried to print : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:39751 And bellow the gcode result in Simplify 3D (e
  14. Hello, I think there is a bug in Cura 2.3 regarding the avoid printing parts option (combing mode). I want to keep On the functionality to stay on already printed part to reduce the retraction (combining mode) but I don't want that the head avoid printing parts, so I unchecked this functionality. Unfortunatly, the Cura engine looks to continue to avoid already printed parts. I have to switch Off the combining option to disable the avoiding feature. Attached there is 2 screenshots : Here you can see (the blue line) that the head avoid the printed parts (option is uncheck) Here you can
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