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  1. Original Ultimaker for Sale in UK

    13 months old. Fully assembled and callibrated. It prints very well. Lots of printed improvements (see below). Ill also include a close to full roll of black fabedashery PLA (Ive found this to be the best PLA).


    Ultimaker Original with Ulti-controller and V2 Hot end.

    Adjustable LED lighting integrated into Ultimaker

    Printed carry handle

    Printed extruder gear

    Printed Bowden clip circlip to improve retraction

    Printed belt tensioners

    Images of the machine:


    Images of a recent print:

    20140212 16301220140212 16301920140219 21352620140219 21360220140219 21362420140219 21363720140219 21365720140219 213710

    Its served me very well and Ill be sad to see it go.

    I am selling to buy a new ultimaker 2.

    Sensible offers/Questions please message me.




  2. Hello,

    I have a model I am printing with lots of small holes. small blobs droop sometimes from the top of the holes. Are there any slicers which are better at bridging than others to eliminate this ? Any tips on settings to help ?

    Thanks for any input in advance.


  3. Hello fellow ultimakers,

    Does anyone have any idea how to make support only generate to a certain height on the stl model ? (Im currently using kisslicer)

    My only idea so far is to slice it twice, one with support and one without and splice the 2 together at the height I want the support to stop.

    How easy is that to do ? How do you identify layer height in the g-code to make sure no layers are missed ?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


  4. After much deliberation and noticing that the PLA was coming out of the nozzle at a slight angle I decided there was a partial clog right at the tip of the nozzle which I had not been able to remove in my previous attempt to clear the hot end of any blockages. I heated the hot end up, removed the nozzle(apparently you should not try to remove the nozzle cold as it can shear off) and cleaned it out by using a lighter to completely burn out anything in the nozzle, there was a little smoke which leads me to believe there may have been a tiny bit of plywood or something flammable in there. I washed the nozzle and removed the soot with some wire wool (cleaning again and blowing out any particles).

    HURRAY ! the ultimaker is now back to the quality I'm used to. Thanks everyone for their input, I hope this helps someone else.


  5. Ill disassemble and have a look at that. Im also going to try pushing a pin/drill bit through the nozzle at temp, Ive read a few threads where this has solved sudden under extrusion.

    I have tried slow speed & low layer heights and the problem still occurs. I am 100% sure this is a hardware problem. Im using archived g-code I know printed absolutely problem free a few months ago.

    I just want my old UM back ! :(


  6. I modified the extruder to accomodate the bearing. Unfortunately it did not solve my problems.

    I am convinced that it is a hardware problem, I am printing G-Code that I know 100% printed fine a few months ago.


    The problem is under extrusion. I have checked the nozzle and Bowden for obstructions - all clear, although I did notice a very slight resistance when the filament gets to the white connection piece at the extrusion end of the bowden.


    The extruder itself seems to be working fine.


    I am at a loss as to what to check next. Could the extruder motor have been damaged ?


    Any suggestions welcome.


  7. The 4mm bearing fits fine into the removable part of the extruder as you have shown above. Its the part of the extruder attached to the back of the machine, where the filament fits in between the two plywood sides which the 4mm bearing doesn't fit between. I could try loosening it. I'm not sure it'll be enough though. I have contemplated sanding a little off.


  8. I'm not sure If it turns or not, I have a theory that it probably turns some of the time and intermittently gets stuck in the groove and causes friction which would explain why the gaps in the prints appear quite suddenly in bands as the friction causes slight under extrusion ? Anyway Ill replace and see If it fixes the problem. I've tried slowing down and increasing temps but the problem persists. I'm 99% sure its a hardware problem now. Ill try to find the post your talking about. Thanks.


  9. Thanks guys, Ill do some testing tomorrow with your comments in mind, I think I may not have taken into account the extra volume when printing at 0.2mm. I've been mostly printing at 0.1 with the successful prints.

    I'm still puzzled as to why the problem only seems to begin happening at a certain height, why do the bottom 30-40 layers print fine ?


  10. Thanks for the reply.

    Ive tried various speeds and temps. The print in the image was printed at 190 deg c,0,2mm layer height at 75mm/s perimeter and 125mm infill (Kisslicer) I also tried Cura with the same temp layer height and 75mm/s, the print was slightly different but still had gaps the higher the print got. I have successfully printed with these settings before.

    Its the same filament which I have had many successful prints with at similar temps layer heights and speeds.

    I did add an additional fan recently but I've had quite a few successful prints with that working fine. I took it off anyway, it made no difference.

    The extruder looks to be working fine, Its the version with the spring (bought November 2012)

    There are no signs of slippage in the extruder when I examine the filament.

    The Bowden tube appears clear.

    What I don't understand is why does it only happen once the print is above 7mm in height ? All layers below this height are perfect. Could there be a problem with the Z motor ? I checked the height of the final print and its very close to the correct height.

    Im very very confused!


  11. Please help !

    Suddenly my ultimaker after months of successful printing has started to show gaps as the height of the print increase/the bed moves down. The first layers print very well but at about 10mm upwards the print deteriorates.

    I printed a small cylinder to show the problem.


    I have tried different slicers to check it wasn't a software problem.

    Both slicers had problems at the same height.

    Does anyone have any experience with a similar problem ?

    X and Y axis seem to be fine, all belts are well tensioned. Bed is level. extruder seems to be working ok.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading.



  12. All good points, perhaps I should just forget about calibrating the extruder.

    But I still cant help but be perplexed by the fact that changing the E-number by the exact percentage of over extrusion doesnt correct the amount extruded. (All with Bowden disconnected so hot end pressure and slippage are out of the equation), its not even close when the correction is made in the g-code prefix.

    Default E stpes per mm extrudes 102.7mm.

    This should correct the 2.7mm over extrusion: 865.888 x (100/102.7) = 843.123

    But it doesnt. What is wrong with this calculation ?

  13. Thanks for the reply Pablo, I am marking the filament at the underside of the extruder to avoid the wiggle of the bowden connector.Ive been using a new section of filament each time.

    Im sure Im doing it accurately its the maths that isnt working. Adjusting the steps per mm in the g-code pre-fix just doesnt seem to be doing what it should.

  14. Worth a go but 852 extruded 97mm ! What is going on, surely increaseing the number of steps should increase the amount extruded !? Im close to giving up on this and accepting 102.7mm. My prints show over extrusion though :(

    Can anyone make any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong ?

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