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  1. I took the same measurement 3 times (102.7mm) 3 times using the code prefix M92 865.888 I used digital calipers and a steel edge to keep the filament straight, I dont think I could have been more accurate. 865.888 x (100/102.7) = 843.123 So I then used the code prefix M92 843.123 and got varied measurements each time I extruded, the filament shows no signs of slipage, the delrin wheel is tight. Im very very confused. Is the M92 code prefix the best way to do this ? How do you change the e steps per mm in the UC ? Is 102mm accurate enough ? My prints do show some signs of over extrusion.
  2. Thanks. I wasnt sure how to change the value in the firmware or via the UC. Instead I modified the g-code like this: M92 E848.909 G91 G1 E100 F300 G90 This then extruded 98mm ! Im now very confused. Any help would be very much appreciated. Is modifying the g-code the wrong way to do this ?
  3. Ok so when I tell the Ultimaker to extrude 100mm it actually exrudes 102mm. What do I need to change to make it extrude 100mm ?! Thanks in advance for any help here, I am a complete novice in 3D printing !
  4. Thanks, I will give this a go this evening. I assume to extrude 1000mm I just change E100 to E1000 ?
  5. Hello, I understand the concept of calibrating the extruder but cannot find anything telling me how to extrude 100mm of filament. Can I do this via the Ulti controller ? when I press extrude on the move axis>extrude command it extrudes way more than 1mm as stated in the ultimaker wiki. Do I have to write some G-Code ?
  6. Thanks for the replies all, Im optimisitc about using this stuff for some mould making, Il post back in a month or two with some results. When was the extruder drive upgrade introduced ? Im fairly sure I have it already (machine shipped last month).
  7. I am considering fetting some flexible PLA to print some rotational moulds. They would have quite a lot of detail. I understand Flexible PLA is harder to print with, my question is: Is it harder to print with it but the same results are possible If the settings are optimised ? Or is it inferior to rigid PLA and no matter how much you play with the settings it will never be as good ? Does anyone have any experience with it/images of prints etc ? Any advise would very welcome. My other option is to print rigid and make a silicone mould from the rigid print.
  8. I can confirm this is a problem, another 1-2mm would probably clear the plastic fan duct housing (its only the overlap in the folded construction which is in the way).
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