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  1. I took the same measurement 3 times (102.7mm) 3 times using the code prefix M92 865.888

    I used digital calipers and a steel edge to keep the filament straight, I dont think I could have been more accurate.

    865.888 x (100/102.7) = 843.123

    So I then used the code prefix M92 843.123 and got varied measurements each time I extruded,

    the filament shows no signs of slipage, the delrin wheel is tight.

    Im very very confused. Is the M92 code prefix the best way to do this ?

    How do you change the e steps per mm in the UC ?

    Is 102mm accurate enough ? My prints do show some signs of over extrusion.

    Im going to try again this evening and flip my filament around just to make sure the slightly abrased side has no impact.

  2. Thanks. I wasnt sure how to change the value in the firmware or via the UC. Instead I modified the g-code like this:

    M92 E848.909


    G1 E100 F300


    This then extruded 98mm ! Im now very confused.

    Any help would be very much appreciated. Is modifying the g-code the wrong way to do this ?

  3. Hello,

    I understand the concept of calibrating the extruder but cannot find anything telling me how to extrude 100mm of filament. Can I do this via the Ulti controller ? when I press extrude on the move axis>extrude command it extrudes way more than 1mm as stated in the ultimaker wiki. Do I have to write some G-Code ?

  4. Thanks for the replies all, Im optimisitc about using this stuff for some mould making, Il post back in a month or two with some results.

    When was the extruder drive upgrade introduced ? Im fairly sure I have it already (machine shipped last month).

  5. I am considering fetting some flexible PLA to print some rotational moulds.

    They would have quite a lot of detail.

    I understand Flexible PLA is harder to print with, my question is:

    Is it harder to print with it but the same results are possible If the settings are optimised ?

    Or is it inferior to rigid PLA and no matter how much you play with the settings it will never be as good ?

    Does anyone have any experience with it/images of prints etc ?

    Any advise would very welcome.

    My other option is to print rigid and make a silicone mould from the rigid print.

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