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  1. That's right, I've send a PM bot got no response. If anyone want the wheel, just send me a PM.
  2. That was me that did the drawing and printing, I'll send you a message......
  3. Very nice to see my Christmas tree that way, well done !!
  4. I even look at objects and think "do I really need to buy that or can I print that myself?" I'm getting worried.... :roll:
  5. I wish I could draw like that Wallan, awesome sculpture !
  6. Do I hear another fabulous design coming up from you Robert?
  7. Stop teasing us !!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. I had the intention to post a picture of a simple print with XT yellow, but after the post of Alex_3D I don't have the guts anymore.......... :???:
  9. My settings are the first layer of 0.3mm, 2 layers of 0.15mm... I also use an heated bed and kapton tape on my UM1, XT (transparent and colored) does indeed not attach well on glass without glue.
  10. Really insane project, this is going to be made in the winter by me! Thank you Valcrow for sharing!
  11. They would indeed, with the new colored XT from ColorFabb they won't break as fast as PLA.......
  12. Sorry Ian, no lamp found with the given colors :cry: :grin: And unfortunately there are not prints but an image from the web, just to show what is possible to make......
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