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  1. I am struggling. Somehow I can not get the bed pins to issue 12V. In Cura I can still only see the temp of the extrusion head (not sure that is expected). M105 wont give me the temp read out in terminal
  2. Thanks Gents. So it is the hardware way than. I did some Ardunio programming before, so should be OK. Got the Marlin package, changed the Configuration.h to include the heated bed and the source compiles (I left everything else as is as the builder looks to have the same settings). I will upload it later to the board in the UM, hopefully it all works.
  3. I am using Daid's Marlin Builder: http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/ The only thing I am chaning from default is the heated bed tempature sensor 100k When building the code the hex file and the windows zip files are 0k only the h file contains some code. What am I doing wrong?
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