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  1. Hi gr5, Thank you for your help. At the moment it seems to be that the loose pulley was causing my problem. The part did not come loose during the printing. I'm going to try your tip with the isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Hi Owen, I think I just discovered the problem during your maintenance tip. One of the pulley's was loose. So thank you!
  3. You can see the problem below. Does anybody knows how this can happen. This is what I tryed: [*]Changing SD card[*]Took him of the power [*]Checked all the connections [*]Reslicing the object. [*]Other objects Can I reinstall the firmware? Or something else?
  4. I'm having troubles with the project planner. I've filled the bed with 15 object in 3 lines. o stands for object, the red ones are the ones that the nozzle hits. back o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o front Does anyone has a solution for it? Can I add something in the nextobject.gcode that solves the problem? I'm using Cura 13.01. One additional question: what do I have to do to kick an object of the platform like in this video:
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