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  1. +1 to that. Daid has done an excellent job on the new slicing engine and interface. I'm looking forward to even greater things! Andy
  2. Here's the tool path for 2 eliptical curves in 13.06.04 http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/image/765-cura130604pic2/
  3. Hi Daid, I've been playing with the new version of cura and It's incredible how much you have achieved (that's the positive bit). However with certain models I can't achieve as good results as I could with v13.03. Number 1 on my where is it list really is bridge speed. I often print thin walls with windows in them. If the bridge speed is cut to 10mm/s then I can bridge upto 20mm without too many issues. I'm finding that 13.06.4 just can't match that. If I turn the print speed down I get really good quality walls but poor bridging. The another problem I have is that I often print eliptical c
  4. "the upper gear on the short x-belt was loose - damn sure I'd tightened that several times" . ... And I had. Even after tightening, the gear slipped agaon and prints went wonky within the first few layers. I've now added thread lock and a test print has come out OK - here's hoping.
  5. Very much a case of me too! Just spent a whole day printing sloped models and wondering what was wrong. I've slackened and retightened all of the gears. Re-aligned the axis. After re-mounting the x-motor for the second time, I held the drive shaft whilst moving the head and bingo .... the upper gear on the short x-belt was loose - damn sure I'd tightened that several times. Anyway, this whistle http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:77183 still works even though it's a little crooked
  6. Happy to help as well. +1 on the inexperience. Can't quite remember 15 years old tho' ;-)
  7. I've had my ultimaker up and running for about 3 weeks now and am fairly happy with the results but I'm hitting detail problems that I think are just down to the way Cura sets up the gcode. The photo is a good example. This is a picture of a model railway carriage - so long, thin walls, hollow and detail. As you can see - on a line level with the window(on the right) , the plank detail of the side (and around the corner) suffers for a few layers, resulting in a visible line. I'm happy to switch to Nettfab if there's a good chance it will resolve these issues. To give an idea of scale - th
  8. Having built my ultimaker over Christmas my first prints came out pretty well but after moving to my first big print I'm stuck. After 2 hours+ of printing filament stopped feeding through - which I didn't notice for about 20 mins (when the print finished) Further attempts to print resulted in no PLA being extruded - or very little with a candy floss result. Examined, cleaned and reset the extruder. removed the PLA from the bowden tube, removed waste from the nozzle only resulted in partial prints with insufficient material flow after the first couple of layers. So eventually resigned myself
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