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  1. I will check the small belt on the y-motor. I will also print a 100mm "y-long" part. 5x5x100? I have been trying to print a extruder drive upgrade, but all small parts especially round come out oblique. I do print at a high temp (around 245 c) i dont get usable objects at lower temps...
  2. Hello again, i have a slight problem with my pre-owned UM. It seams that the Y-axis is of a bit. I modeled a reference object (20x20x20mm cube) in sketchup and exported to stl and then printed with cura. The object came out: 20,00 x 19,12 x 20,46. (Yes, there is a chanse of error as i have a cheap vernier caliper.) Can someone please tell me on what "knob" to tinker? (Yes the previous owner have installed belt tension clips). Is there any easy way of adjusting this in like firmware? br Magnus
  3. Compatible might have beem a bad word choice. Would it be possible to make it work? (W/o too much hassle)? (If not: why? Weighs too much?)
  4. Hello, does anyone with some insight think that this head is "compatible" with the UM? http://store.qu-bd.com/product.php?id_product=11 br Magnus
  5. This guy seems to be swedish as well: http://www.youtube.com/user/petleh82?feature=watch
  6. Okay, so i solved this one by myself while waiting for the post to be okayed. (Having not put the machine together myself, i didn’t realize that you push down on the "coupling" while inserting the tube.)
  7. Hello World, First off: i love the internet and especially how it allows me to connect with people like you. I brought a pre-owned ultimaker about a year ago - the guy said it was one of the first ones to be deliverd to sweden - anyway: i got it running and did a couple of prints but as i had it setup in a closet, i did not want to leave it unatended for longer prints. I dont recall why, but it got left alone unused for a while. And then we moved. And then we moved again. Now i finaly have a garage/workshop to run my ultimaker in. So this past weekend i got it up and running again - pleased to find cura to make that part of the process a bit simpler for me. Anyway: the last cpl of days i have been printing fine*. But yesterday i had a print fail on me while not around to see it. The machine had stoped on like the first or second layer and a small "blobb" was formed. It had been like that for like 40 minutes and when i returned i didnt seem to be able to push any pla forward. After some janking i got i backwards. In that process the tube and little gray thing on the material feed mecanism got disconnected. In reserch for this post i have just found out that the name of the part is "quick fit coupling" - the name implys that the tube comming lose might be the parts purpos.... Last night i diddnt manage to get it reconnected. I think that i cleard up the block in the extruder (cutting the tip of the pulled back pla, pushing it back in by hand while heeting to 250). It took a while but i think it feeds as good as it did before... Long story short question: Is there a trick to reattacheing the QFC? *probably not by your standards but i didnt join this board to simply discuss my first issue..
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