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  1. I have several issues with Netfabb at the moment: 1. After slicing bigger files (last one was 15 mb) and hitting print Netfabb disconnects the Ultimaker thus interrupting the process. Why? I have checked the connection and cables, I dont have any problem like this one with Cura. There is also no visual information to know when the print is going to start and the time estimate for the print is always quite off its prediction, unlike the very simple print interface of Cura, where you can see what is happening and when will your print be ready (yes it is most of the time not very accurate with its print time prediction but it has at least a countup and a countdown so you know exactly how long you have been printing). 2. Another issue I have been experiencing with this iteration of Netfabb is that it seems to not be able of reading its own gcode. After I slice, which still works perfectly fine, I save the gcode. So far everything is ok, then issue 1 happens leaving me quite frustrated. I think to myself, you have the gcode, print it directly. Ok, I try to load it from netfabb using the gcode editor and the print gcode command and for my utter suprise It cannot read the gcode it outputted moments ago. Very frustrating. Netfabb outputs the best results I have ever seen done with an Ultimaker, Cura is good, and it has awesome infill options but I have not achieved an overall quality that matches that of Netfabb. It is absolutely infuriating that you get hung up on tiny incomprehensible problems like the ones I have explained. I will now try to print Netfabb gcode from pronterface. lets see how that goes.
  2. Hello everyone !! I have been printing with the Ultimaker for about 2 months now, which seem like a small eternity to me in the good sense. This wonderful machine has gone over 200 hours of printing without big issues and I am just glad to be able to work with it. As time passes you delve deeper and deeper into the great adventure that is 3d printing and new questions arise where old ones have been solved. A subject that has been bugging me since I first started researching 3d printing was the infill. Back then I found this article by MIT : http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2011/3d-p ... -0914.html Now to my question, I'm just a designer, I can make a lot of stuff in CAD but when it comes to programming I am quite helpless. How do you generate an infill pattern ? How do you go about it when you want to use it, lets say, with Cura?
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