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  1. @neotko: I thought so, but never had an opperunity to try one Is this actually due to the fileformat of those SD-cards being incopatible with the ultimaker (so to say SD-HC vs Ultimakers SD-format) or is there any other reason?
  2. To be honest, i dont understand why some people actually fancy printing via usb... It is definitely not as reliable as using a SD-card. I received my Ultimaker(orignal) before the Ulticontroller was available and dont really miss that time to much xD Back in the days, Cura (or an other extra-software , that took pregenerated gcode) had to be used to send the commands to your printer. As already said, this connection was not as reliable as one would whish. I have no clue, if this was due to the Computer-Usb-stack not being designed for real time applications or the fact, that the Arduino in itself is not a Pc let alone a powerhorse, why you can actually it kind of lagging while going through the menu during mid-print. If you ask me, you cant really compare the Ultimaker, being based on standard (and relatively cheap) electronics, to a specialized CNC hardware, built for (just?) usb printing. Anyways, if you fancy a wireless solution, go for one of those cool wifi SD-cards some photographers are using. You can get them quiet cheap on the big A, but watch out about their fileformat, as I don´t know which ones will work (e.g. http://www.amazon.com/Share-Reader-Camera-Support-Micro/dp/B01BAQ0QAQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1459024280&sr=1-1-spons&keywords=wifi+sd+card&psc=1) combined with the approach of auto-removing the printed part as in the “Autoprint” (https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/65-start-your-own-mini-factory-with-autoprints) , you could do your remote printing (and definitely don’t have to touch the card ), given that you find a way(e.g. a relay) to start the print, but as most people I would not recommend it anyways xD and forget about usb, belief us. Good luck and let us know what works best! Cheers, Ji11x28
  3. Hi Guys, after working on it some time ago, this thread makes me want to get started with my old idea of producing a similiar (but not terminator inspired ) robo head again! my robo-eye is already working quit well! Eexcept the motors and the short wire peaces (connecting eye-ball and motor) everything is printed! Movment is not to smooth which is mainly due to the bad servos i am using.. I already got replacement but as good as no time to work on the designe.... The brain of this baby is going to be a Udoo-Quad and i am planning on adding a webcam (or better to say just the chip) in between the eyes to get some object tracking implemented! Since OpenCV already runs on the chip and due to the arduino compatible IO-pins i could control up to 48 Servos what should be enough!! Since i am free on friday and after braddock posted the video, i am planing to get work on the subject done within the next days! If you want i can post my progress! Cool work braddock (amazing renders) and thanks for inspiring me to get back on my project Keep it up! Cheers JI
  4. Dont know if i am a pro but i am in london for an other week and might help you out with some of the things you mentioned! Send me a pm!
  5. Hi guys, I didn't find enough time just yet iam sorry... I managed to get things running with ct data and am not to sure if you'll be able to handle the specific ultrasounf format... Since the mitk-software is really komplex i'll need some time to finish the tut (and the pictures i was planning to use) Ji11x38
  6. He guys, Planing on 3d printing some stuff from an mri-scan next week. I am going to use mitk, the medical imagery toolkit. If anyone is iterested, i could write a small how to. I think you can actually open 3d ultrasound files but i dont know for sure just giv it a try! It's completly open source and free to use (made by the company i am working for!) Regards Ji11x38
  7. I have been contacting you via pm. Got no reply...are the any pulleys left? Or will. There be an other batch any time soon?
  8. Wow amazing ken! By the way are you italie ? For some strange reason i have never heared of the fist of the north star till living in london for a while and meeting many italiens. They all had in common, that they were always chatting about ken xD Anyway here is one of my prints: It' s one of my printed lampshades. Made up of three parts and printed in the amazing golden pla that is a bit translucent! It has a wonderful warm light!
  9. Hi there ! Didn´t read this thread yet but am a bit disapointed since there are so few pics at the moment... Printing with the dual setup seems to be more difficult than we all thought (and even more time consuming...) Did not have to much time to play around yet but here is what i got so far: The first one i did is this little guy here: with his low z-resolution he looks quite bad and as you can see, there are lots of troubles on the feeder of the red pla. In the context that the print took place before the kit was released (and a good number of changes in the software ) i am still impressed how well it turned out in the end. After contacting the ultimaker support recently and a great reply in form of some laser cut parts, i managed to upgrade to an almost official dual extruder setup. The only result so far is this calibration print i have been doing about 5 days ago: As you might see,i still got underextrusion on the red parts. After going through several other steps, I finally found out, that the printed Bertho-drive-upgrade i have been using so far was to small for the new wooden feeder-parts what led to the problems. In this pic you can see the old Bertho upgrade in my fully printed feeder (got the designs from Snowygrouch's web-site http://www.calumdouglas.ch/%20) After some thinkering, i managed to use the plans for the injection molded Ultimaker parts from youmagine (https://www.youmagine.com/designs/injection-molded-parts-for-ultimaker) and printed the new Extruder Drive Upgrade today, that can bee seen next to the old feeder. I am planning to give it a run at the weekend! I will let you now how things turened out!
  10. Thanks for the great pics ! Wonderful that you took the feeder apart! Really interesting what ultimaker did! And amazing that we got some fotos of the new z screw setup
  11. I was wondering how you generated the cad files. Am i right, that you "only" exported the files out of the video game? Or did you do this design yourself (or even for the videogame)? Sorry to be so rude... i am of course impressed about the work you did(especially on the color!!! Aswell as on the joints!!) I myself already managed to print some files out of Half-Life 2 due to reading the graphic-card memory. it would be interesting to see what you did! Anyway what you did, what where u using? Keep it up! Ji
  12. I would love to see a picture of the electronics or at least one of the bottom of the printer. Is the arduino gone or are they still using one? And what about the servo controllers? ( did you solve your layer shift problem yet? ) A closeup-shot from the new feeder would be cool,too! (Even better if taken apart) How did you put the tape on the print platform? Can you undock it somehow or did you have to fiddle around to get the tape on it? And last but not least: is their anything behing the motot covers? (Except the motors ) Did not see too much in the pictures you posted in an other thread. Thanks ! ji
  13. Thanks3dcase! You were right and everithing is running smooth now! Looking forward for the bank holiday to give the new setup a try! JI
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