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  1. Here's the video of a print I just did! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDqs-ruuRoc&feature=youtu.be Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. I finally had time to do a print! New photos in the album, and a video of the print (with a bunch of the middle cut out) is uploading as I type this. The print succeeded even though I had the bed a little too far from the hot end to start with.
  3. I'm about to post more photos. I also forgot to mention that you'll get 3 spools of filament: clear blue, orange, and silver. I've used some of the silver and orange, but there's still plenty there. The clear blue is brand new.
  4. I built the heated bed myself according to plans online. It's a PCB heater under a glass plate. The firmware was updated to control it and it works very well. I'm near Knoxville, Tennessee.
  5. For sale is my Ultimaker Original with V2 hot end, Ulticontroller and heated bed. I'm now interning with the national lab that made those 3D printed cars that you may have seen in the news, so I don't really need one at home anymore. (Great problem to have). $1000 or best offer. Let me know what pics you would want to see and I'll post them.
  6. I reconnected my Ultimaker for the first time in 8 months+ today. I moved across a few states a while ago, and it's been moved, bumped, stuck in a basement of questionable humidity for a month, and then left to collect dust in my office. I finally gathered up the courage today to reconnect the printer and see if I could get it running. I was expecting my entire weekend to evaporate as I combat re-flashing a custom firmware and getting my printer to talk to my computer, after which I'd have to tighten every screw and re-level the base, etc. I installed a heated bed a while ago, so that should have caused more problems. It was going to be awful. From the time that I started connecting all the wires together to the time that I was calibrated and printed was maybe 15 minutes, and that includes installing and playing with the newest Cura. tl;dr: My printer still works right away after 8 or more months of neglect. Thanks, guys! Time to get back to printing. For those curious enough, http://timmakes.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/the-printer-is-back/ is a link to my blog which has a couple of photos of my printer and power supply. Check out the snazzy power switch. :lol:
  7. The firmware appears to work. Now I just need to get my hacked power supply to work . I have a resistor coming in the mail which I've heard allows it to switch on.
  8. Kris, if that config file works for me you just might be my hero.
  9. Oooooh ok, I thought it was hopeless for me without the one builder :geek: . And I'm glad that I won't be bricking my printer until I try to print some legos.
  10. Well then I'm just glad that I didn't brick my printer with whatever it is that I sent to it. Must...have...heated...bed...
  11. 2 days ago. I got a database problem the first time but after that it...seemed to work. Other than that, am I using the right procedure to update my firmware? Where will you let the world know when the builder comes back up?
  12. My heated bed is all put together! I used the daid marlin builder to create a new hex file, and supposedly transferred it to the ultimaker with Cura. My ulticontroller doesn't show anything for a heated bed, though. What steps am I missing? Please help!
  13. I finally have all the parts I need to put together my heated bed! One thing that bothers me is that the wire for the thermistor is going to be right under the heated bed. Is there any special type of wire that needs to be used so that the insulation doesn't melt? Would 2 strands out of a cat 5 cable be ok?
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