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  1. The version is 12.12, and the models aren't very complex I think, I downloaded from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17309 Single extruder works well, but the dual is in trouble...
  2. Can anyone help me? It still doesn't work...
  3. I set number of extruder is 2, and load dual, but when I press "prepare print", it doesn't work, only shows "starting..." all the time. Can anyone help...
  4. I just think maybe the TinyG can help me to get a great improvement in printing speed, but also I doubt how to keep an acceptable printing quality is a problem...
  5. This is the video on youtube. With TinyG driver, motion can reach 50,000mm/min! Unbelievable, I'm thinking whether could I modify my Ultimaker with TinyG firmware...
  6. Well I got it. Cura maybe the best in controlling balance of speed and quality. And I will test them later.
  7. Thanks Daid! It's great! So that I can evaluate the effect of G-code from different slicers.
  8. Using Ultimaker printer, can I run G-code directly? Means that, If I get the G-code from other slicers, can I export it to my printer? How?
  9. I'm trying. Indeed, the problem is how to use G-code to print directly without software(like Makerware and Cura)...
  10. Yeah, there is something wrong with the connection between Makerware and Ultimaker printer, but I just think if Makerware is faster, can I use the G-code from Makerware for my Ultimaker printer?
  11. Cura and Makerware, which is more efficient? I heard Makerware is faster 20 times than other slicers, is that true?
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