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  1. I found some files already but thanks anyhow. And I agree that there needs to be more information on it so others dont make the same mistake. Although mine was mostly from mixing up the Y and X-axis drivers. Its kinda hard to so for all the wires. I am looking forward to tomorrow, there are a lot of upgrades I want to print.
  2. The motor and its cables are fine, I know this because I can plug it into the X-axis controller and it will work fine, so the Problem is in either the Electronics or Cura. And I have not way of tell if Cura is just not sending the signal, but I dont think it is it either. The Y-axis was working before and it was the X-axis that was having trouble, in my Haste to fix the X-axis I may have damaged the Y-axis stepper board. Since then I got the X-axis running smoothly when I started actually tweaking the right board' power setting.
  3. I never removed the cover with the power on, so I did not fry anything that way. And I re-did all the Pulleys and even swapped the belts around since I still had a studder problem with the X-axis. (which I fixed already with some tweaking.) During that I tried running the Y-axis motor without any resistance but it still wont turn. I hear a noise like much like the Z-axis when it moves .1 mm. The belt does not move at all however. I already ordered another driver hopefully it will work. I am still trying to get this one too work, I believe that I turned it the wrong way so instead of boosting the power too much I think did the opposite and I am hopeful it is still fixable. I have not had any luck though. Three other things I noticed that have me worried are all except one of my long belt are pretty loose at the moment and I have no clue on how to tighten them anymore than they are. Also the Wires to the stoppers seam to lay on the pulleys in a couple of places. The worse thing I have noticed is that the repeated removal of the Electronics cover cause the heatsink on the Extruder driver to get knocked off. I am confident I can put it back on when I get some more thermal compound but I was just wondering how likely it is to overheat.
  4. So far all I know is the motor works, and its not cables to the motor. And I believe the problem comes from my attempt to increase the power of my X-axis since it was stuttering. When I was tweaking the power I was accidently modifying the Y-axis and not the X-axis, and now I am afraid I turned to too much and possibly in the wrong direction. Is there any way to reset it back to the Factory standards. I have been testing the motors in Cura using the "Jog" function, and when I try to move the Y-axis it sounds like it tries but only for a second. After that it does not even seem to try to move anymore. I would really like to get this thing woking already.
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