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  1. I was looking for replacement PCB fans online and found one i recognize on dealextreme: http://dx.com/p/av-752512s-dc-12v-brushless-cooling-fan-for-diy-128160 Guess I'll keep looking.
  2. Seems to be an issue with my arduino, I tried with a spare and it seems to work.
  3. I'm getting some weird behaviour when trying to print using my newly bought Ulticontroller. Everything seems to be fine, and I can start a print without problem, but while printing I'm getting strange movements along the axes that are not part of the model. I can best describe the weird movements as "spikes" out from the model, and the extruder is spooling like crazy at some points. The print is then ended with only half the model finished. I can print the same file perfectly using a computer and Cura 12.12A. I've tried updating the firmware and different models, still getting the same behaviour. Any ideas?
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