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  1. It's a circuit https://www.watterott.com/en/SilentStepStick-Protector
  2. @ataraxis yes, you are right, thanks for the correction, apologies for any confusion. I have the drivers working on my Ultimaker Original as of a week ago with full SPI control and no external boards, super smooth. Managed to blow three of them along the way. Now have protector boards on them. Odd thing is that for the X, Y and E0, I had to half the number of steps per unit as compared to the original drivers, but for Z, it remained the same.
  3. @ecologeek all the pins you need are there on the 1.5.7 board. You have to solder to them, but looking at the pins on the Mega2560, you can use pins 10-13 for the chip select, configure in pins_ULTIMAKER.h: // // TMC2130 // #define X_CS_PIN 10 #define Y_CS_PIN 11 #define Z_CS_PIN 12 #define E0_CS_PIN 13 And the pins you need for the SPI are at 52, 54 and 55.
  4. That's great, thanks for the quick response
  5. I managed to get the post processor working but it doesn't seem to work the way that I imagine it should. There is a list to the right that you can add post processors into, I would expect that anything that is added to the list would be automatically run every time the gcode is generated. This doesn't seem to be happening, also, when you restart Cura, any post processors added to the list on the right are no longer there. This is the mode that I need to operate in so that I can set and forget my post processor. The way that I got it to work was to add the post processor to the list on the right and click execute. But this is a pain to have to do this every time. I think that if you want to run a once off post processor, just select it on the left and click execute.
  6. Found it http://reprap.org/wiki/Start_GCode_routines
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