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  1. Thanks for pointing it out! I will incorporate that Good question! Its USD, and I will add that to the form. Thank you very much for pointing it out!
  2. Hi folks, Kushal from LayerInk here - my team and me are developing a filament extruder for home use. This extruder was born out of our own need to conveniently produce filament on-demand in quantities, various colors and compositions (ABS, PLA, Woodfill, etc.) as needed for our 3D Printing service bureau (www.insta3dprinting.com). When we looked at the market we found that there weren’t any that offered a really good solution without making it inconvenient. So, we researched plastic processing technology, studied industrial extruders and worked with advanced fabrication tools to replicate I
  3. Hey guys Its been a while since I finished building my Ultimaker and as such have not been very active with any form of 3D Printing since :( @Darius C Few suggestions with your BOM: I think the sheets sizes for the Plywood are off the mark. The 6mm sheet is far bigger and you really need just a small 4mm sheet. In fact the 6mm sheet is almost six times the size of the 4 mm sheet! You require 2 6mm rods each of 268mm length. I'm pretty sure that you get the leadscrew nut from McMaster although if i'm not mistaken they are on the higher side. Also dont buy the 19V, 60W heater from DFRobot
  4. The cost of building the machine will vary based on a number of factors, mainly choice in materials and location. Having access to a machine shop and scrap material will greatly reduce your costs. A muber of parts can be machine. Also the axes shafts can be made out if stainless steel or just hardened steel rather than chrome steel. In total the entire 'adventure' cost me 900 euros. However some of these costs went into buying parts that were wrong, failed or broke. After deducting these expenses, it cost 700 euros. However please note that parts which were locally sourced were considerably
  5. Thanks calinb! The heat sinks are on only as a precaution. We haven't had significant heat from the motors. I have seen snowygrouch's design for the direct drive. Its an excellent idea from an engineering point of view, but i guess from a product design perspective it makes sense to keep everything enclosed within one frameworks as far as possible. Its one of those form vs function dilemma's! also we are printing only with PLA at the moment (well not yet printing!). The tent idea is an interesting solution to printing ABS! I don't have an infrared thermometer to actually verify the
  6. @Daid: thank you! We fed the PLA from the other side hoping that the natural stiffness of the filament due to it being fed from the wrong side will help in counteracting the hysteresis in the extrusion process?! Do you think it will make a difference? @Calum: thanks for the advice! We will definitely work on making a sleeve! Maybe we can print it?! Or use an elastic material that will also make the tuning easier?
  7. Here are some pictures of our Ultimaker: Any suggestions/feedback would be greatly appreciated. Again we would like to thank the ultimaker community for they're active support. Without referring to innumerable posts on the forum we would'nt have come thus far! If all goes good, we should be able to have our first print within a couple of days!! Will post the results. Cheers Kushal
  8. Hi For those who are interested, attached is the BOM we used to build our ultimaker. Will post pictures soon! Hopefully make our first print tomorrow :-P . For any queries, please feel free to contact kushalfernandes@homail.com namith_1990@hotmail.com Regards Kushal
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