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  1. What settings are you saying change when you change the material in Cura for an UM2+? "The Ultimaker 2 (Go/Extended) and Ultimaker 2+ (Extended) use UltiGCode. This means that the material settings are not in the gcode itself, but stored on the machine." https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20982-custom-materials-ultimaker2-plus
  2. In the video on the Cura software frontpage it is show that you should select the material in Cura for an Ultimaker 2+. This will do nothing since for the UM2+ material needs to be set on the printer itself. This must be confusing for new users who will try to tune their material settings in the Cura material library instead of on the machine?
  3. Isn't is very confusing for inexperienced users that Cura allows Material selection when using UltiGcode? (Since it ignores the selection.) I see that the Nozzle size menu is turned on and off depending on machine profile so I assume it can be hidden.
  4. Since this plugin minimizes the unnecessary extra heat stored in the extruded threads I was able to go from a 8 sec layer cool time to 3 sec, for objects with 3 walls.
  5. I wrote a plugin for Cura! The aim is to keep your prints in the "golden temperaure zone" when feed speed is reduced by the cool feature. This allows you to use high speed settings for the first layers of tapering objects without them overheating and sagging when printing the details. The speed was ramped down from 110 mm/s to 31 mm/s by the Cool feature during this print. Check it out at http://wiki.ultimaker.com/CuraPlugin:_Flowthermostat, I am really keen to get feedback! (For some reason the wiki does not show new plugins unless you are logged in at http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Categor
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