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  1. I warn all Ultimaker owners to stay away from this hotend. It has been nothing but a giant headache for months. This unreliable hotend has left our two Ultimakers more or less inoperable since January and chewed up 100+ hours of my time. I've used three of these heads on two different machines. Every single one of them jams. I've polished the interior stainless steel surface to a mirror finish but it did not help. I've increased the size of the heater block and snugged the brass nozzle flange against the face of the heater block to increase heat transfer and nozzle temperature stability. I've tried all kinds of PLA filament and every single one of them ends in a hotend jam. Read this thread for more details. http://forum.seemecnc.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=1682&start=560 Plenty of people love this head for ABS but for PLA users, beware.
  2. Ultimaker 1.5.7 shield motor wires are twisted nicely motor wires do run in parallel with thermocouple amp board's power and signal wires I'm still experimenting with other motors' effect
  3. This is a very strange thing. I've been haunted by this issue by an original Ultimaker and an Ultimaker I built myself. I've had some intermittent temperature stability problems. In diagnosing this issue, I have discovered that when the extruder motor (and possibly other motors) is driven even without filament, the temp reading drops ~5C immediately. The temp controller compensates for this artificially low temp and pumps up the power. The instant the extruder motor stops driving, the temp snaps back up ~5C but by then it has overshot. This has happened on multiple Ultimakers with different hardware. I originally diagnosed it as a blown up stepper motor but now I'm not so sure.
  4. It is the Microsoft Visual 2008 (2005?) redistributables. They do bad things.
  5. OK!!!!!!! IT WORKS!!! I uninstalled a bunch of crap including all Windows Updates installed in the last week, adobe flash, Microsoft Visual studio redistributables, Microsoft silverlight, and maybe some other things. I will be a little more methodical with the other computer to determine what screwed it up.
  6. It seems that I can still run Cura 12.12A but every single version from 13.xx and upward hangs at the splash screen.
  7. There isn't a single thing different about these machines that I can think of, except Windows Update. I am teaching a 3D printing class at the library exactly 12 hours from now and I have no way to run these Ultimakers. In a desperate attempt, I'm removing all recent windows updates from one of the machines to see if that fixes it.
  8. Nope. Just an ultrabook with integrated-only graphics.
  9. Whoops, I missed that. Sorry. This is so weird. I have the same problem on a computer with integrated graphics and a computer with discrete graphics.
  10. Do you have automatic updates installed? I have 3 machines and only the machine that isn't updated is still able to run Cura.
  11. 14.01 worked fine on my desktop until a few days ago. 13.12 also worked fine until a few days ago.
  12. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Now my desktop computer is doing the same thing! Could a Windows update have screwed this up? Laptop: Intel HD 4000 Integrated graphics w/ latest drivers Windows 8.1 Desktop: Radeon 7850 w/ latest drivers Windows 8.1 I just tried to copy that glut32.dll and it did not fix the issue.
  13. I just downloaded/updated DirectX and it appears my onboard graphics drivers are current. Any suggestions? Is this comment about python and Windows relevant? http://choorucode.com/2012/04/27/pyopengl-installation-notes-for-windows/ Product Detected Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Current Driver Installed Your driver is current.
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