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  1. I'm in the normal view mode and the fix horribles are unchecked. I'm fine with autoslicing/prepare but ONLY if doesn't impact other operations (bugs excluded), otherwise it's a design choice that can NOT be justified. Actually that should be the reason for it to be in the background, not its speed.
  2. I disabled auto detect SD card drive and I don't have a virus scanner. I still see a slow down after I manipulate a model and before slicing starts. I'm not sure if it's due to 3D rendering or to slicing. As mentioned I have the latest available version.
  3. Is the slow down supposed to be fixed in version 13.06.5 (last one available) ? cause I was given a highly detailed stl today and I can't manipulate it while it's being sliced. Mac OS 10.7.5 iMac 27" mid 2011
  4. Oh ok, I thought everything was in the tabs or expert window. The values are 205x205x200mm which are the same as what I get with Ulticontroller, so I'll use that.
  5. I see "Skirt, Line count" but not where to change the bounding box.
  6. The advertised volume is 210x210x205mm. However each of these dimensions is wider than the blue bounding box shown in Cura (13.03). On the other hand if one uses the "to max" button in Cura one gets 178,2x178,2mm which is notably smaller than that same blue bounding box. Only the height of 200mm is a match. Perhaps if one moved the head using the Ulticontroller one would get yet another set of values. In any case, I need a part as big as the UM can print, how big is that in reality (with default hardware) ?
  7. Picture posted at the request of gr5 gr5 edits: Text from above picture: bottom left: feeder spring 13,61mm (used until now) bottom center: feeder spring 13,81mm bottom right: feeder spring 16,42mm (sign of underextrusion) top left: after small belt tightening top right: after long belts tighten...
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