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  1. Hi Daid, So checked the print I had running overnight this morning and it looks great. The least stringing on retraction I've had in ages, probably retraction is slightly to much on my settings I'll need to tune it a bit, but the outer surface quality is great and some really thin walled components came out perfect. I was also printing faster than I normally do (still not fast, but for me it's faster) I'll do some more testing tonight, but I think you've got a great version there. Looking forward to the dual extrusion, any word on an official kit, plus a kit for heated bed? My bigge
  2. Nice work Daid, I've got a print running now and my retraction is back to where it was with my original settings, retraction in general has decreased significantly and quality is looking great. I'm looking forward to the morning to see what the finished parts look like.
  3. Hi Daid, Great work on the new version of Cura. However with version 13.05.01 I'm having a few retraction issues. It's doing a lot more retraction than previously which is slowing things down a lot, and from following the thread hopefully your new changes will help here. But I used to have my retraction setup really well, but in 13.05.01 I'm getting a lot of stringing. So I went back to one of my calibration objects and tried to recalibrate but found when I made changes to the retraction settings nothing changed, including the gcode file. The process was. -load model - progress bar go
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