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  1. Hi Ian, Nice to see you're back! I think we have some kind of summer "lull" on the forum at the moment. 3d printing is a winter sport...summer weather = less time at the workbench! I really don't know whether UM has been able to cope with the problems of fast growth. many times one only sees the users with problems on the forum, not the ones where everything works perfectly. I believe the dust is settling on some of the recent upheavals. I hope they got the delivery times and quality control issues right by now, I do not follow these things with any kind of regularity. I think its more
  2. Recently 3dsystems has brought out SpaceClaim under yet another name: Geomagic Design Direct 2014. There is a 15 day trial , I downloaded this and when I tried to run it , DesignSpark mechanical would start. So I looked at the files and it seems that GeoMagic Design Direct and designSpark are one and the same program. In the folders the name SpaceClaim is all over the place. They did not even take the time to relabel the program files. Only the licence file is different between designspark and Spaceclaim. ( plus perhaps some parts of the program that are not installed). This means what I ha
  3. With all due respect, I think they should get the kinks worked out to make the UM 2 into a reliable machine first before even thinking to add dual extrusion. When I read about all the problems I am glad I have two well working UM 1 machines.....
  4. designSpark/ Spaceclaim is my favorite. I have just done some tests with SolidEdge from Siemens, they have a 45 day test version out. Again, just too many things are burdened onto the user, the interface resists the flow of ideas, and it took me hours in SolidEdge to get something that takes me only minutes in Design Spark. BTW Geomagic seems to have switched over to the Space Claim kernel, too. Their GeomagicDesingDirect looks like SpaceClaim. Unfortunately there is no price tag but I guess it will be around 2400 Euros...otherwise space Claim would not be able to sell their original program
  5. hi Ian, perhaps Petershausen might be good. Connection to S bahn and nice to live... http://www.immobilienscout24.de/wohnen/bayern,dachau-kreis,petershausen/mietwohnungen.html You would be only 10 kms from where I am...! Dont go into Munich, too expensive. There are many smaller towns not far from Kranzberg. All the best and let me know where you will be landing! Kranzberg http://www.immobilienscout24.de/Suche/S-T/Wohnung-Miete/Bayern/Freising-Kreis/Kranzberg?enteredFrom=one_step_search Albert
  6. Perhaps an occasion to see other members of the forum? Saturday May 3 19.30 Bad Tölz marionette theater Am Schlossplatz 1 D-83646 Bad Tölz Bavaria, Germany just 50 kms south of Munich. www.marionetten-toelz.de/News We have a nice auditorium that holds about 100 people. I will try to give an introduction to the 3d printing workflow using my 2 ultimaker 1 machines. Perhaps this is also an occasion to see the Bavarian Alps and the brand new Bad Tölz planetarium, where I will give a star show at 18 hs, just before the show in the theater which is adjacent to the planetarium. Albert
  7. Am Samstag, den 3. Mai 2014 um 19.30 veranstalte ich im Saal des Tölzer Marionettentheaters am Schloßplatz eine Einführung in die Techniken des 3D-Drucks. Marionettentheater der Stadt Bad Tölz Am Schloßplatz 1 83646 Bad Tölz Webseite www.marionetten-toelz.de Unter " News" findet man den Hinweis auf die Veranstaltung. Der Unkostenbeitrag beträgt 5 Euro. Mithilfe meiner beiden Ultimaker 1 Drucker versuche ich eine Vorführung des Workflows vom computergeneriereten Modell ( DesignSpark) zum fertigen gedruckten Objekt zu zeigen. Ebenfalls zu sehen gibt es eine kleine Galerie der bisher
  8. I thought I would bring this into the CURA thread, because I think it is a completely new idea. At least I have not seen this before. The basic idea is to slice the object in such a way that the layers follow a 3d path. The z axis moves up and down during the printing of a layer. This way the fibers of the material follow the form. Might be a new way to get around overhangs and also might make parts that are much stronger. One could also imagine doing thicker layers without the ugly stairstepping effect on top layers with a bent surface. The results look good, especially for the crappy print
  9. Servus, freut mich dass Du dabei bist. Auch ein Münchner.... Albert
  10. Hi Nicolinux, I have seen you are using Fusion 360 and are active on their forum. I just started to work on fusion and it is a promising effort to merge nurbs based modeling with solid modeling. But the interface resists me all the time. Especially when you come from DesignSpark where the interface usually suggests the right thing to do....do you get over that with some exercise? Plus the thing is extremely unstable and you lose work because of the cloud connection. If the program hangs you cannot do a successful crash recovery because the stuff takes an eternity to save. Did you get anythi
  11. Who was it? Bob Hope? When he came to the stage for his speech at the Oscar ceremony, he said: I thank my parents who made this possible... and my children who made this necessary... I also love this forum and i wish we could have a big meeting one day to see each other in person.
  12. Hallo Hoinz, tolle Modelle! also ich kann Dir vielleicht ein bisschen mehr sagen. Ich bin Puppenspieler und mache viele Köpfe etc. mit dem Ultimaker. Schau mal in die Galerie, da kannst Du Sachen von mir finden. Ich modelliere im Allgemeinen mit Sculptris oder zBrush. Damit kann man die Polygone gut unter Kontrolle halten. Mein längster Druck war 17 Stunden, und der Kopf der Figur füllte den Bauraum in der Höhe fast ganz aus. Ich versuche immer bei bzw unter 50 000 Polygonen zu bleiben. Mehr kann der Um ohnehin nicht auflösen, und mit den Methoden der Reduzierung in zBrush (Decimation M
  13. Recently some videos have turned up on the new Conrad printer. The brand name is "Renkforce" which I think is connected to xlr plugs and the like. The thing looks extremely well, if not overbuilt. German over engineering at its best...so that got me curious and I had a look at the Conrad website. The thing has been on sale for only a couple days and it has gotten some devastating consumer comments already....just what I expected from Conrad. They have an inimitable way of goofing up on seemingly sure fire things. A couple of things are included in this printer that I think might be intere
  14. Thank you for all the good hints on using the woodfill material. I am kind of lurking in the background on this because, as a puppeteer I would like to print some marionette related stuff with this material. But I hate complications and am just happy my printers work the way they are. Perhaps I might try to convert one of my 2 printers to woodfill "setup" with a larger nozzle. How does this stuff post-process? sand, paint? do wood varnishes or stains work on it? Is it any different from normal pla or just has a different "decorative" value?
  15. The question of CAD is so important, I can only emphasize that before you even think about getting a 3d printer, try and familiarize yourself with CAD basics. You can't build what you can't draw. My own "menagerie" of CAD programs consists of Cubify Design, Rhino and DesignSpark Mechanical. With these three I can get almost anything done. Plus the sculpture program Sculptris. Cubify can easily import Two dimensional DXFs , so if you want to make gears for instance you can use the inexpensive " gear generator" or a similar program to do the outline as a DXF and then pull this into a 3d shape
  16. Bin auch mit IGo3d heftig reingefallen. Hatte silber PLA bestellt und bekam grau mit stark wechselndem Durchmesser. Die Rolle hatte am Anfang 2.89 mm ....na dacht ich das geht grade noch durch. Dann kam ein totaler Klemmer im Bowdenzug- Rohr. Durchmesser plötzlich 3.1 mm. Bei denen würd ich nichts mehr kaufen.
  17. I have recently put in a little time on Design Spark mechanical, and after the usual beginners problems, I find it quite nice to use. The only thing I sorely miss was a mirroring function for symmetrical objects or 2d drawings. if you have logged more time on the program I would like to know if you have found this function. The help file says it exists but it seems to have been removed for the free version. It's amazing to see that recently programs have come up for free that would have set you back thousands of bucks or Euros a few years ago. Armed with design Spark and cubify Design, I
  18. Merkwürdig, ich hatte nie Probleme beim Materialwechsel. Der einzige Klemmer den ich bisher hatte, war ein zu dickes Material, das im Bowden hängen blieb. Ich heiz die Düse auf 220, ziehe schnell das Material raus, und schieb so schnell wie möglich das neue Material rein. Dann handisch vorschieben bis Material aus der Düse fliesst, Extruder schliessen und fertig. Wichtig ist dass man den Drucker nicht mit geheizter Düse rumstehen lässt sondern alles bereit hat und schnell arbeitet. Das Hochheizen auf 250 halt ich nicht für so günstig, so wandert die Hitze im Druckkopf hinauf. Bloss nicht den
  19. Hi Ian, I really like your idea! You have increased the contact surface of the filament, this will allow for a reduction of the pressure. Perhaps you could increase the diameter of the knurled knob as well. This will pribably cause some problems with the stepper resolution, though. Another thing that should absolutely be included is some way of manually advancing the filament. This is the entire reason why I never had many problems with the UM 1. During the heating process, I like to prime the nozzle by turning the feeder wheel by hand. You get a feeling for the mechanism and you can avoid
  20. albert


    Guten Morgen! Another Bavarian! Welcome to the forum. All the best with your new UM! I have been using two UMs for a year now and still think its the best printer around. albert
  21. 30 cent 120 degree extruder idea. See new album in photo gallery...how the heck can you get a photo in here?
  22. hold a piece of filament in your fingers and watch how the soft tissue of the fingertips wraps around the entire surface of the filament. 3 hard rubber wheels ( think "pencil eraser") coming from 120 degree angles - their outer surfaces could touch so one wheel drives all three of them. they grab the filament completely. DECREASE pressure, INCREASE contact surface. If necessary repeat and make 6 wheels. What do you think?
  23. Very interesting thread! What about a triangular design? looking at the chuck in my drill press...look at the way the drill is held in place by pressure from 3 sides at an angle of 120 degrees... if you could have pressure on the filament from 3 sides, the entrance channel would be a straight line, the filament could not deform, and you could open the extruder by removing or flipping open one of the 3 sides of it. Probably no need for a knurled surface on the drive wheels, just rough surfaces might provide enough friction. I realize that the dimensions would have to be very small. But the bas
  24. Very interesting thread...just reading it gave me a much better understanding of the meaning of some of the parameters. Feedback: Would it be possible to implement feedback on all axes? this way the controller knows the real position of the printer nozzle and not just its assumed position. Would this help to get rid of certain problems and deformations? On the better laser cutters there is some kind of optical encoder riding on the x and y axes to provide direct feedback. Probably too expensive and too cumbersome....
  25. Hallo Sigi servus - auch aus Bayern! Wo bist Du - würd gern mal den UM 2 sehen....
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