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  1. Same here, I reinstalled Cura (3.5.1) several times before and it was running only once afterwards. I had the Cura.exe in Task Manager as well, but no GUI nor Splashscreen. Now, started in compatibility mode (Win8), it seams to work again. Thank for sharing this. Hopefully this will be fixed with the next updates ? Lutz
  2. Hi there, some news on the topic, after soldering and crosschecking again, I found the mistake, Beside the burned Stepper Drivers, my Arduino was damaged on Port 43. I replaced it now, and the extruder Output is working again with the Testscript. Yes! So after setting up the Stepper Drivers I will fire it all up again and hopefully this will be it. I will report. Anyone advice for the Stepper Driver Setup? I set them all to 0,6Volt now except the Z Axis to 0,15V. My Z Driver was broken but can it be that it should be 0,05V? Measured directly on the poti-screw. Ok, I may search for Lutz
  3. Amedee. that change looks easy as it's just the initialisation of the output. I forgot that I have Issues with the Ulticontroller too. So in my case I think I have to fix it completely. Thanks for the link, my french is bad but the guy there seems to have a comparable issue. Vincent, again Thank you, I will give it a try. Do you think the last mosfet in the right corner should be the first to replace/check? For me it looks that Q1-Q3 are related to the heated outputs. I will report if it works
  4. Thank you both!, Amedee, I just ordered 5x A4988 Drivers to test and replace. Your Solution to just change the Ext 1 with Ext 2 sounds like an easy workaround. I think I will consider it when it's not possible to fix Ext1. The Marlin Firmware would be an standard Anduino code ? apex1001, you are right, I would prefer to have it fixed completely. Do mean you would replace the regulators Q1-Q3 first before replacing the condesator on the socket? Thanks for the Picture. Lutz
  5. I had time to do some tests, 1. Test, Arduino: Arduino itself is working with the standard blink Example from Arduino. So this looks good so far.. but who knows. Best would be to crosscheck with another one. 2. Test, Ulimaker Shield: Attached the shield to the Arduino and uploaded the Ultimakertest script from http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Arduino_MEGA_Ultimaker_Shield#Test This script is pretty Handy to determine which stepper driver or motor is brocken. So I found out the following by crosschecking all ports and drivers: - Extruder steppermotor is all OK. - I may have destroyed two driver, i assume that i killed them when interchanging them before and attached one of them the wrong way. Additionally I did the same mistake again and now i have only one functional driver left but mostly: - The Port for the Extruder is dead. I also checked with the second extruder Port and this is working fine. So what to do next? The easiest would be buying a new board with drivers. Regarding the costs and the point that I may be able to fix it (we are makers aren't we ) I will give it a try to change some parts with the soldering iron. It seems to be easy to change the condensator inbetween the driver sockets so this will be the first to check. Anybody with suggestions which parts could be affected ( I know its hard to tell..)? Maybe resitors? I mean for me it looks that there is not much between the arduino output, the driver and the motor output.
  6. Great, thank you! So I will proceed with: - testing the Arduino - testing the Arduino with Ultimaker shield (the Link from my first post might help) - and at least Arduino, Shield and all Stepperdrivers at their own.
  7. Hi Macua, thank you for your reply. I did it twice and also I tried to push the reset button on the arduino board and upload the marlin Firmware again. Sadly it didn't fix my issue. Anyone familiar with arduino? Is it right, that I can pull the Arduino Mega off to use it with the Arduino developer environment to test it. And later when it's done, I can bring it back to the Ultimaker factorystate by uploading the Marlin Firmware again? Is that correct?
  8. Dear all, it's a pity but my Ultimaker 1 broke down yesterday during a print. And now I may have damaged it even more. How it started: The extruder stepper motor loosened itself during a longer print. I realized it maybe 2 hours later. The print was messed and the heater and noozle was covered with PLA. My steps: when i tightened the motor again I restarted the machine. Now I wanted to move the Extruder via ulticontroller but it didn't function anymore. So I changed on the Ultimaker electronicsboard the cable between “X” and “Extruder” to check if the stepper is still working and yes, it was. Now I might have done a mistake. I changed the Stepper Driver between Z and Extruder and I did the mistake to place the extruder Stepper driver in the wrong direction. From now on the electronics went wrong. I realized my mistake and turned the Stepper driver in its right position again. Also I checked the whole board without any stepper driver and also I tried to leave the Ulticontroller away, but it’s not working neither with USB nor UC. Strange issues now: I can’t navigate with the Ulticontroller anymore, just switching between Startscreen and Settingscreen. I don’t see the arrow and I can’t select any settings with the knob. Temperature measurement, shown via Cura or UC, is jumping and not accurate. How would you check the electronic components? Arduino, Shield, Stepper Driver ( I think that’s it.. or am I missing something?) For the Arduino, I found this, does it make sense?: http://www.geeetech.com/wiki/index.php/Arduino_MEGA_Ultimaker_Shield#Test: Thankyou!
  9. Hallo Isphording, Wir hatten bei uns auch trouble mit stark verzogenen Druckteilen. Die Lösung war das Printbett-Level. Ich hab die Plattform so eingestellt (mit dem Wizard in Cura) das sie die Düse gerade berührt. Kontrolliert hab ich es mit einer Taschenlampe dahinter, dann sieht man den Schatten der Düse ganz gut wandern. Seit dem wird die erste Schicht viel satter aufgetragen und klebt sogar etwas zu gut an dem Tape. Verzogen hat sich seit der Justage zumindest im Bereich <10cm nichts mehr. Probier es doch mal aus. Grüße
  10. Thank to all!, fortunately I figured the wrong fan position out, just before I started printing I updated my first post to avoid confusion for others. Finaly I srewed it together without the washers, it's good to know that it is meant to be like that. Lutz
  11. Ok, I considered to put in some washers too. Because with the gap the nozzle seems to be a bit crooked. Because of the distance between the hot end and the fan cover. I will check that, thanks for the warning
  12. Hello to all, I am assembling my brand new Ultimaker and so long it worked fine but I worry about a small gap between the aluminum socket and the plywood plate above it. It's located on the front right corner and I tried a lot to avoid it, without success. is this normal? As I see on the Wiki-Picture of the assembled Printhead it seems to be normal but it doesn't look well. How is yours? http://www.flickr.com/photos/ultimaker/8185552868/ EDIT: The Fan on the picture above was mounted wrong (on the Backside), please consider this updated Picture to avoid trouble :
  13. lutz


    Me I had the same trouble 2 days ago and the 8 black ones are correct. This should be updated in the documentation. I hope this Picture can help:
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