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  1. I don't know man ... ever since you brought the name up ... I've been checking out the forum over at PrintrBot, and like here ... they too have people sharing their results. Also ... If I thought this forum was active; well that one is like a bees nest on steroids. (The truth is ... PrintrBot was next on my list ... if I was dissatisfied with Ultimakers potential with ABS) I could never give weight to the opinions of one user over another, but all the same; thanks for the warning. The same Ulltimate Guide that listed Ultimaker as top on the list, also gave PrintrBot a good rap as well. So
  2. "Actually" ... that's exactly what I do, and it "actually" helps. Each to their own ... You Tube Tutorials, helps Millions of People through ought the world. We can't all be engineers and or programers. I'm actually considering the Prinbot LC now. Perhaps not the perfection of the Ultimaker. It's cheaper, and it comes, with the apparent Must have for ABS ... a heat bed. WOW ... much cheaper and your right ... A You Tube Guide. Thanks man ... Later.
  3. Why No Heat Bed? "... was the final question over breakfast." Well ... finally after considering all the options, within our budget and for qualtiy results ... Ultimaker is a clear winner in out book "Except" for the issues surrounding ABS printing. Why print in ABS. Well for us ... 3D printing is more about printing parts that have some useful function. Most of the real world applications such as brackets, holders, clamps, joiners, washers, spacers and so on, are typically subjected to high levels of stress and heat. Whilst PLA has characteristics that make it easy to print and give
  4. Thank You very much Guys. I just received an email, and with this added information here; am now feeling a lot more confident to go ahead. Just going to sort out the finer details and finances in the morning. Perhaps another email ... lol But it's all good now. Thanks again "thumbs up" Dave
  5. PS ... just caught you there. THANK YOU for your email. It was more about me getting itchy feet. I feel much better now thank you, and only have one last hurdle. I'll be sorting that out over breakfast.
  6. I appreciate your input corngolem ... also your efforts to make the best choice. I started with the "Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing" I believe 15 well known professionals who'm have bee in the industry since it started some years ago, participated in the testing of quite a few different models currently on the market. I was impressed with the report given on the Ultimaker, but a little worried about the need to build it. Leapfrog did have more in terms of features ... but I have already mentioned my disappointment with them ... Makerbot ... well I may be off track with my thinking here, but
  7. Thanks Guys, I will bite the bullet and wait some more ... I did send an email ... but now thinking, perhaps I should of made a ticket out of it or clicked on it, instead of copied and pasted it. I know one thing ... the more I search on 3D printers ... I just can't pass on the Ultimaker. Even despite things that go hay wire as they do. (communication) Another guy in the forum has been helpful ... Owen ... I think I will just buy the DIY kit and enough rolls to keep me going. I just wanted to know if I should be buying any other stuff is all to save having to purchase so soon after buyin
  8. Yea I know ... I am just frustrated Daid Is it worth ringing Ultimaker direct?
  9. OK ... I am getting itchy feet just waiting for a response to a sales inquiry. Is this an international number: 31345712017 I will be ring from Australia. What's the waiting time on the phone like? I just have a few simple questions I want them to answer, then I am ready to buy. Is it worth ringing ... or is there a huge waiting time on the phone as well?
  10. Obnoxious emails ... Duly Noted. You have no idea, how much that has just made me swing! No doubt your most likely elsewhere ... but THANK YOU. Amazing how the tone of a business email, can effect business.
  11. Well that was just over 6 weeks ago. May I ask you, how has your communication been with the sales team in relation to your order? I hope all has gone well. Best of luck. Dave
  12. I joined their forum, as I have done this one ... in order to find out what support and feed back was going on. I do not currently own a 3D printer. I found nothing but one issue after another. (@ leapfrog) With regard to the creator model ... by memory ... one guy had to take to his machine with a grinder and cut a hole in it as the metal frame was touching the spool or interfering with the filament in some way ... something else about needing bearings. These issues have nothing to do with any type of learning curve. On the topic of learning curve ... Many of the folk buying into leapfrog
  13. Righto then ... I'll keep reading. Thanks for your reply.
  14. That's great! ... but what I need is a Guide that comes in Parts with someone who can take the time to explain to the masses in a language that we can all understand ... and then in a dialect specific to that region. maybe then ... The Ultimaker will be "more" accessible to the masses. Part 1 YouTube Part 2 YouTube Part 3 YouTube If only ... Sigh ...
  15. This a great topic. Is there a sticky anywhere on this aspect of printing. All great Tips ... I wondered how people where cleaning them up. Would love to find a Blog just on that! Also for some reason ... most of the pics I see added, only come up as a text line which I can do nothing with. I would like to see more pics ... as the Gallery in the Blog section, has many of the examples out of focus. For that matter, I am not seeing very many examples at all, except for Yoda and a few heads. Some of those look good, but I do wonder what kind of post work was done to make them look that way
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