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  1. I don't know man ... ever since you brought the name up ... I've been checking out the forum over at PrintrBot, and like here ... they too have people sharing their results. Also ... If I thought this forum was active; well that one is like a bees nest on steroids. (The truth is ... PrintrBot was next on my list ... if I was dissatisfied with Ultimakers potential with ABS) I could never give weight to the opinions of one user over another, but all the same; thanks for the warning. The same Ulltimate Guide that listed Ultimaker as top on the list, also gave PrintrBot a good rap as well. So far the results over there look good to me. A lot more activity regarding ABS printing as well. I have nothing to prove one way or the other ... I am after a unit with a Heat Bed or an upgrade that does not require sourcing parts from a dozen places and an electronics degree. I am glad I have another head to think with. I believe my wife is correct ... No Heat Bed ... No Sale Ultimaker, does not currently provide what is recommended for hassle free, ABS printing. Great product all the same. I'm kind of going to be busy over at PrintrBot now. I started at leapfrog ... have enjoyed my time here ... and who knows perhaps after a few days at PrintrBot, I may even post in more communities before I find what I need. Possibly even back here. Again ... thanks for your help. You know your stuff, and your advise is well received. Take care. Dave.
  2. "Actually" ... that's exactly what I do, and it "actually" helps. Each to their own ... You Tube Tutorials, helps Millions of People through ought the world. We can't all be engineers and or programers. I'm actually considering the Prinbot LC now. Perhaps not the perfection of the Ultimaker. It's cheaper, and it comes, with the apparent Must have for ABS ... a heat bed. WOW ... much cheaper and your right ... A You Tube Guide. Thanks man ... Later.
  3. Why No Heat Bed? "... was the final question over breakfast." Well ... finally after considering all the options, within our budget and for qualtiy results ... Ultimaker is a clear winner in out book "Except" for the issues surrounding ABS printing. Why print in ABS. Well for us ... 3D printing is more about printing parts that have some useful function. Most of the real world applications such as brackets, holders, clamps, joiners, washers, spacers and so on, are typically subjected to high levels of stress and heat. Whilst PLA has characteristics that make it easy to print and give a finer finish, the inability to print in ABS puts a large question mark over practicality. I am personally VERY impressed with the artistic designs and creations coming forth on this forum with regard to PLA and even the function, some of these are enabled for. The work that some people have put into the finishing product truly shines! But once again ... I need my creations to handle being left in a car, mounted in a car ... to withstand our Australian Sun ... to have the give needed in order to bear a little weight without snapping and so on. OK ... many of you guys here, do not need to here the obvious with regard to why use ABS ... So at any rate, having established why it is that our family wants to print in it ... and finally after coming to terms why the Ultimaker is so damn good : Comes the finally question over the breakfast table ... Why No Heat Bed? ____________________________________________________ So I get that it is not easy to print in ABS ... there are also other factors than just the heat bed, however ... the common phrase kind of goes "without a heat bed, forget it!" (I would also like to talk about ABS specific extruder, but for now more interested in "why no Head Bed") Building ourselves is out of our technical experience. That is to say understanding the parts involved and how they all work. I have some very basic knowledge .. perhaps variable control of voltage and current with factors on materials with heat distribution in mind and possibly the use of relays, sensors and so forth ... but my dyslexia holds me back with schematics and the finer points of soldering with polarity and all that jazz ... makes such things an expensive failed project. I really really wish I could do it. I love trying to understand those sorts of things and do build bike lights and have played with some electrical components ... but even still ... I am unable to process the wiki heat bed Guide ... which then makes me think of my friends who would be much more unable than I ... I can not even find a Complete DIY Heat Bed KIT ... and here lays the problem for us ... or allow me to put it like this: Many of us that look at your product ... buy into the fact that with the well laid out guide/s, plus your encouragement that we need not be electrical engineers to build this kit combined with the great support of this community ... That many of us would less technically minded folk would struggle with your said referral into the forums regarding the printing of ABS ... BUT even that aside ... NO HEAT BED ... _______________________________________________ Forgive ... I think I am explaining what I am trying to say wrong ... possibly have reached my limit today ... How about this ... In a nut shell. I have to get back to my wife and explain in some coherent way ... WHY NO HEAT BED ... BUT ... OR ... I am hoping I can kind that someone can come up with some kind of mirracle and tell me there is in fact somewhere in the world ... a complete DIY Ultmaker specific/dimensions/compatible Kit with step by step guide! And I now direct attention to the Ultimake Team ... Would not such a Kit be profitable both with more sales of the Printer itself and yet another upgrade competent sold separate? I believe the Makerbot Replicator 2X is one of the few reliable that many of us half baked noobs are looking at ... although the price is around $3000.00Au for Us ... surely you guys could come up with something to rival this heatbed issue? I am not sold on the Dual Head ... I really think the practicality of just being able to Print in ABS is enough to Sell 3D printing as a much more Real World Product. So how about ... any chance of a Intermediate Heat Bed Kit without the need for schematics, degrees and so forth? A user friendly Kit so to speak? ____________________________________________ Additional thoughts: Anyone is welcome to let me know if I should buy a separate print head for ABS as well. Or would using the existing one be OK. As far as that common Phrase (forget it if you don't have a heat bed) Was the mention of a Printer Head specific to ABS heat requirements. Just thought it was worth noting. Like the Heat Bed will assist with warping issues, but a good Print Head specific to ABS will reduce ... clogs, lumps, drips and so on??? Over all ... If I can just come up with a solution within our level of ability ... regarding just the heat bed for now ... I know I could swing her over. She has been reading up on the other computers ... and she's a smart cookie! Posibly better than I ... OK ... well in fact she is ... anyways ... Thanks for putting up with all my posts. It's all down to helping us see a way with printing ABS ... hmmm If only the heat Bed ... (The kit does come with perspex sides does it not?) ----------------------------------------------------------- Cheers Dave
  4. Thank You very much Guys. I just received an email, and with this added information here; am now feeling a lot more confident to go ahead. Just going to sort out the finer details and finances in the morning. Perhaps another email ... lol But it's all good now. Thanks again "thumbs up" Dave
  5. PS ... just caught you there. THANK YOU for your email. It was more about me getting itchy feet. I feel much better now thank you, and only have one last hurdle. I'll be sorting that out over breakfast.
  6. I appreciate your input corngolem ... also your efforts to make the best choice. I started with the "Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing" I believe 15 well known professionals who'm have bee in the industry since it started some years ago, participated in the testing of quite a few different models currently on the market. I was impressed with the report given on the Ultimaker, but a little worried about the need to build it. Leapfrog did have more in terms of features ... but I have already mentioned my disappointment with them ... Makerbot ... well I may be off track with my thinking here, but they smell like Apple to me ... I don't like Apple ... and then there is the Cube X ... but at the end of the day ... they smell even worse ... the filaments are way overpriced and everything else seems very limiting ... aka ... Apple ... Then there are the plug and play that I bantered on about ... whilst I do struggle with software configs and the like ... deep down ... not sure why, but sometimes if feels good to bang my head against a wall. My shrink thinks its ok, as long as I get up and walk away from it a few times and release the acid build up ... I have tried looking at some other rep-rap designs was well ... but Ultimaker keeps coming up as the most rewarding if one is patient enough. (Not my strong Point) ... but I know I can do it ... I also know once I commit to buying ... all this angst of the communications and transport. plus good old customs will be a thing of the past. Know doubt I will have better things to get all twisted about. I have been contacted and now feel so much better! It's just a formality for me now. I will be purchasing Ultimaker and throwing myself at the mercy of this great community ... LOL ... Kiss Kiss ... Seriously ... I have not stopped since three days ago. I have multi-tasked from one forum to the next ... Googled and researched, watched video after video and read this and that ... I took a few break in between, ate drank and slept as well. I pride myself on making the best decisions ... I know I can't go past the Ultimaker. In the morning, I will be sitting down with the wife ... to give the whole run down on why it's best to buy the Ultimaker ... if I have to modify later for abs with a heat bed ... then so be it. All my searching is done! I do however, wish you the very best in your quest to feel assured in making the right decision for you. Peace bro Dave.
  7. Thanks Guys, I will bite the bullet and wait some more ... I did send an email ... but now thinking, perhaps I should of made a ticket out of it or clicked on it, instead of copied and pasted it. I know one thing ... the more I search on 3D printers ... I just can't pass on the Ultimaker. Even despite things that go hay wire as they do. (communication) Another guy in the forum has been helpful ... Owen ... I think I will just buy the DIY kit and enough rolls to keep me going. I just wanted to know if I should be buying any other stuff is all to save having to purchase so soon after buying the kit. I was thinking because I want to get into ABS ... that I might need special extras??? Owen seems confident that I will have all I need to get started ... May I ask you guys ... the wiki construction guide that is now up ... is it the one that matches the current DIY kits now? If so ... What do you guys think ... should I buy an extra roll or two? It's all good ... all these repeated posts must have me looking like a nut case ... LOL Not to worry ... if perhaps you guys could recommend weather I should get anything extra or just go with the upgrade kit ... V2 head and ulticontroller. Can I do ABS with the kit as is (if I keep the parts small?) Seriously ... if you guys could just help me with weather or not to by anymore accessories, I would be ready to order tomorrow morning ... then I can leave you all in peace until say 6 or 7 weeks down the track
  8. Yea I know ... I am just frustrated Daid Is it worth ringing Ultimaker direct?
  9. OK ... I am getting itchy feet just waiting for a response to a sales inquiry. Is this an international number: 31345712017 I will be ring from Australia. What's the waiting time on the phone like? I just have a few simple questions I want them to answer, then I am ready to buy. Is it worth ringing ... or is there a huge waiting time on the phone as well?
  10. Obnoxious emails ... Duly Noted. You have no idea, how much that has just made me swing! No doubt your most likely elsewhere ... but THANK YOU. Amazing how the tone of a business email, can effect business.
  11. Well that was just over 6 weeks ago. May I ask you, how has your communication been with the sales team in relation to your order? I hope all has gone well. Best of luck. Dave
  12. I joined their forum, as I have done this one ... in order to find out what support and feed back was going on. I do not currently own a 3D printer. I found nothing but one issue after another. (@ leapfrog) With regard to the creator model ... by memory ... one guy had to take to his machine with a grinder and cut a hole in it as the metal frame was touching the spool or interfering with the filament in some way ... something else about needing bearings. These issues have nothing to do with any type of learning curve. On the topic of learning curve ... Many of the folk buying into leapfrog don't appear to be as technically minded as those willing to build their own. I can respect this ... however the activity on their forum in extremely slow and the descriptions given very hard to follow ... although to IMHO, I find that in here at times ... BUT ... there are enough people here to re-word or perhaps a large number allow for more patient individuals to eventually get the message through. There are major complaints about the communication with sale related topics ... I myself will be ready to move on from here if Ultimaker do not respond to me by the 3rd day. I consider my sales inquiry to be very important and will not reward the company if it is not regarded as so. I'm just about to shell out a large quantity on software and am very happy with the quick response I am getting from them! So ... from someone who is yet to purchase ... I was "bitterly" disappointed" with the complaints and slow activity of the forum (@ leapfrog) as well as what feed back there was. I guess this whole 3D printing affair is still very user specific ... I agree, there is too much hype with many brands ... but those manufactures that are able to end up making the use of 3D printing User Friendly ... will be the ones that bring it to the masses. Many of us are not wanting a "Linux Experience" ... Plug & Play would be good! ... Don't get me wrong ... I am willing to learn a thing or two and know I can do it ... eventually ... but somehow it does not surprise me, that so many of the current users say they are, programers, engineers, software developers, and on and on. If I knew more about 3D printing, the hardware and software ... then leap frog may have something to offer (maybe) ... bit pricy though. But I'll say it again ... when companies are too busy to reply to emails from prospective customers ... well ... then that is when I refuse to spend anything on them. I guess I am stubborn that way. I bet I am not the only one though. Leapfrog seem to be extremely lacking in this area ... soon it will be 48hours ago that I sent my email to Ultimaker ... and I doubt I will have gotten a response from the sales team here. If buy the end of the third day ... I have still nothing in my inbox (to which I have added to contacts) ... I will go elsewhere ... sort out who is buffering and who is interested in really helping. In the mean time ... all I have to do is decide weather I will spend more on the software than what this printer is worth. :eek: (but once again ... I like Good Service from the actual sales team as well as technical staff ... if they have any; as opposed to "slow or even, no" service Community help is one thing ... but you guys are not the ones taking my money, nor dealing with the logistics. Forums will eventually pop up as to will Youtube guides and on and on. I am mearly a home user getting in on the act a bit earlier than anyone I personally know who has not even heard of 3D printing. Hard to believe whilst so many here are in on the act...but it's not really out in the masses yet. Sure there are a lot of Geeks about ... myself included ... but I'm not enough of one to wait and wait and wait for a reply... Grrrrrrr -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It really sucks when you know you should just order, but still waiting for the sales guys to respond. :( I can't even think straight and wonder if I should hit post ... Bugger it ... "post"
  13. Righto then ... I'll keep reading. Thanks for your reply.
  14. That's great! ... but what I need is a Guide that comes in Parts with someone who can take the time to explain to the masses in a language that we can all understand ... and then in a dialect specific to that region. maybe then ... The Ultimaker will be "more" accessible to the masses. Part 1 YouTube Part 2 YouTube Part 3 YouTube If only ... Sigh ...
  15. This a great topic. Is there a sticky anywhere on this aspect of printing. All great Tips ... I wondered how people where cleaning them up. Would love to find a Blog just on that! Also for some reason ... most of the pics I see added, only come up as a text line which I can do nothing with. I would like to see more pics ... as the Gallery in the Blog section, has many of the examples out of focus. For that matter, I am not seeing very many examples at all, except for Yoda and a few heads. Some of those look good, but I do wonder what kind of post work was done to make them look that way. I saw an example of a whistle on youtube being made ... seeing as I am a bit of a perfectionist, it looked as if the thing was layered with bricks ... far from the example of the finely smooth head depicted in the gallery blog here. I have heard mention of a solution over at leap frog ... arcrane or something to that effect ... you dip it in quickly then pull it out to dry ??? Can prints be painted at all???? Painting prints???
  16. Has there been a point of this made in the Official construction guide at all?
  17. What is a "large Brim?" Do "Manual Pads" come with the Kit? HBP ... is the heat bed? (actual, not what you are measuring) Is there a dummies guide to all this ... I would PAY for such a thing. Can't wait till there are guides on Youtube ... perhaps 2 years from now.
  18. Thanks Daid. Your blog has been an interesting read! I hear ya Owen ... I did ask a LOT of questions. ________________________________________________ Hey ... Owen ... do I need to buy a heat bed? Can I still build to the full size without one? ...and the acrylic bed they sell here ... what's that about?
  19. Awesome ... Thanks for that! LOL ..... Linux keeps me busy when I am not into my other thousand hobbies ... unfortunately being a master of none ... I can have a chuckle when it comes to your comment regarding Linux. I always have a windows machine as my Primary ... but that's just me.
  20. Hey Owen, I was hoping you might pop in. I live in Toowoomba Queensland. I remember once when I ordered a hammock from the US ... and later I was kicking myself because I did not get the larger tarp or the longer tree huggers and so on. What I could find later available in Australia was sold at a much higher price ... and I kind of gave up because the international postage was like $60.00 ____________________________________________________________ I guess the latest model comes with everything I need. I jump the gun with such things and get excited easily. Seems I will have lots of learning to do with the software side of things at any rate. I'm going to have a crack at installing Cura and see if I can get familiar with it (despite not having the printer yet) whilst I read up at ... perhaps a Cura website? What I find most appealing about this whole concept of 3D printing: Is the possibility of no longer having to cough up ridiculous sums of money for little plastic parts out in my shed, weather it be for one of my many outdoor machines or even tools ... perhaps tools may be pushing it, but I think the ABS will find a lot of places here and there in my shed. I'll give that aspect a go at any rate. The other big thing is coming up with ideas on ultralight hiking gear ... I am always thinking of ideas and am often stuck at how to join things ... I am hoping to come up with some kind of technique to make plastic joinery possible ... perhaps not weak by many standards, but not for my back packing adventures ... Other than that ... I am just happy to play around with the software ... I do like messing around with LEDs and have attempted a few pushbike lights in the past ... the styles of mounts and the devices they can be used on also makes me think of how much more I can give E,bay the flick! Most things I order on Ebay don't come with great quality plastic to begin with ... LOL I figure most of us could do better than some of the builds coming off from there. Now ... a telescope might be a bit much ... but just for the heck of it ... I may attempt something ridiculous down those lines ... perhaps Bino's ... eye piece box for sure! ______________________________________________________________________ Ok off to read up on this Cura Software and whats expected with calibration and so on. I'm yet to convince the wife on this purchase yet, however ... Ultimaker is looking like the choice for me. I hope to get an email response tomorrow when I wake up. One thing we both don't like, is not getting a response withing 24 to 48hrs when we wish to spend a few thousand ... we have a habit of moving on pretty quickly in those situations. Service is Everything to Us! Here's hoping I wake up to an email. later Owen PS ... just thought about the possibilities with Photography ... WOW ... The thinking just never ends!!! ... best go quiet my mind somewhere.
  21. Hi Zungara and Daid ... Thank You: I appreciate your patience as well as responses. Thank you for both, for your clarification. I fear I am getting a bit too snappy with some of my posts as I struggle to take in all the ... hmmm ... information. Perhaps I am rushing somewhat. I just want to be sure I cover most of the bases so that when everything arrives, I will have a reasonable grounding in getting started. I do appreciate the trail and error of programming ... not as a programmer, but as an avid gamer both in and out of Beta testing. Some of the debates over updates and bugs can get quite ugly in those places with no regard for decency what so ever. I've usually fared well with the Linux crowed and hop to do so here. I was too quick to forget the learning curve ... or should I say respect that very fact. I guess that is why people are so quick to complain ... it's much easier to do so, rather than take the time to learn. Hmmmm ... OK ... So how's about I approach this from another angle. I like your suggestion about jumping into Netfabb a little down the track Daid. Given how quick I am to jump the gun ... and your explanation makes is more clearer as to what I am getting into. Is there a subsection here for Cura and do I need to run other software applications? Can I actually download, install and run Cura on my computer without the printer to get a feel as I read up on it? Thanks for your responses ... once again, I am encouraged with the activity in this forum. Dave.
  22. Hi guys, Just putting in some posts to get my feet wet before I commit to buying the kit, extras and software. The retraction feature sounded interesting, and although I don't know what it is ... I could quickly see questions marks towards the end on the quality of product for the money ... BUGY being the key word. I rarely spend money when it comes to software, however I am no open source guru. Could someone elaborate other than the description given in the sales add to what the real benefits our to shelling out the $150.00 required for this software. So far I have established that some features are buggy ... What do the feature ... that actually work have to offer over the recommended open source programs. I can tell you I was put off immediately after having read the retraction post ... and I don't even know what it is ... BUGS the name I guess. Seriously ... if someone could indulge me ... Why spend the money? Cheers Dave. PS ... I hope the developers take note how such feedback effects sales ... I was going to shell out 3 thousand over at Leapfrog ... but so bitterly disappointed with the forum feedback and developer support that we gave it the flick ... caring less about the great claims of quality parts. Don't release updates if they are not ready ... especially if people are expected to pay $150.00! In fact ... I'm off to search for alternatives now
  23. Hi Guys, Before I take the plunge and Order the Complete Ultimaker DIY-Kit: I'd like to know what extras would be good to buy. Forgive my lack of knowledge here. I do intend to use ABS for those hardware parts in my shed kind of thing as well as make some Back Packing gear. Is there any specific kind of extras I should consider buying to help with using ABS? Also … I have read people asking about heat bed to stop prints from warping when doing large flat LPA projects. I am worried there is much more I am going to have to buy in order to print all the projects advertised of this unit … Hmmm, I mean … I am worried I do not know what extras to buy! This is what this post is about. I want to print both types of filament … ABS & LPA … I also want to print all sizes … so what Extra Gear should I buy from this manufactures Site when I order my Kit? I know as much as to select the V2 Spare V2 Hot end (what is the benefit of this please … is it related to the existing one being used needing to be given a break??? Or do they need replacing often?) Plus I will be getting the Ulticontroller … But as for all those other extras … I really have no idea, but would not be surprised that I should of at least purchased half of them. So … If one was willing to spend more than just the kit in order to have ALL the possible tools … what else should I purchase in order to obtain the maximum benefit that this machine is capable of??? Any Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You. Dave
  24. I mean no disrepect. Yes ofcourse, I should expect to do some modding with any kit. I am just trying to avoid doing too much is all. I guess I am not as confident as I should be. I was like this before building my own computer and messing around with telescopes. Looking back after giving these things a go, I often wonder what it is that I was ever worried about. I am a slow learner and whilst lack confidence, I do love the challenge and reward of building things myself. I just hope I don’t become too much of a nesiaince, as I am bound to ask a million quesitons … and sometimes the same ones different ways. Thanks for the welcome Owen … Very happy to have a response in good time. I have been around and check out the different forums at different manufacting sites and this one looks more active when compared to those others. Here is a Link to when I first had my panic attack on the build note … LOL … I just have to ussually know more than what these good willing people describe well enough: Mechanics build guide - Ultimaker Wiki Thank you to the guy from Boston ... See, I can't even find your name ... If I can build this thing I will be impressed Its in the MOTOR Section: It's about the forth comment down at the bottom of page ... there is a small discussion about it. http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Ultimaker_rev.3_assembly:_X_%26_Y_motors I think I wll get a set of little files for tidying up as well ... sandpaper and even check out what solutiion some people are using. I am happy to at least some eactivity going on here! Perhaps If I get stuck ... I can upload some photos to describe what I am baffled by. I am kind of a picture guy. Thanks again for you help ... untill I understand this process much, I think will skip the filling of flats and just be careful if and when it comes time to adjusting (if needed) for the fine tuning process. Now ... where to make a post asking for adivce on all the extras I should buy as well, to avoid ongoing international post? I'm looking to use ABS for parts as well as playing with the LPA ... looked into the CubeX but MAN oh Man ... the price of those rolls ... Sigh ... off to make another post. Cheers Dave.
  25. Hi, just going off the build notes for Version 3, of the Ultimaker. Regarding the removal of pulleys from the Step-Motor Shafts. There is talk of filing a flat, on these shafts ... to make it easier to either adjust or remove the pulleys later on. (one flat or four? ... 4 would drasticaly reduce the size of shaft?) Has anyone done this? How many flats and how deep a flat did you grind? I would rather "NOT" have to do this. Can someone explain to me ... is there a way to adjust the pulleys without having to go to these extremes? If I must grind or file a flat ... what are the "risks" involved and how do I go about it? I am unacustomed to filing flats. PS ... how many more modifications, (like this) of the existing gear must be made. I'm hoping not many. :(
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