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  1. A sharp chisel is the way to go for me. Before, with my butcher knife, I had to work for like 10 minutas, carefully. And I always ended up messing the bed level. With a sharp chisel, it just takes 30 seconds, and it comes right off.
  2. Pretty much yeah. There's some sagging, but nothing that would be alarming
  3. I think this is the first time I'm posting anything that isn't technical problems in here :oops: At any case, I'm really into Ola Sundberg's work, and thought it would be neat to tune my printer down with his designs. I'm still having problems with sag at the overhangs, but I'm not really sure how to correct it except by using support/Meshmixer. The Colonel has been primed and sanded over quite a few layers, and the result is quite smooth.
  4. In a couple of days I'll be taking a long trip, and my printer will be left alone in my house for a couple of months. That brings me to a question: Will the lack of action affect it's performance after I return? I've heard from people that leaving a printer with no use for extended periods of time can do damage, so I wanted to know if anyone has experience with this.
  5. Actually, my issue is that melted PLA is coming/overflowing out of the heating block, form both ends. I made sure it was tight, and this is the 2nd heating block/nozzle i've installed after breaking the first one (while handling while it was cold mistakingly). The print has little bits of burnt PLA on it, that seems to be dripping onto the pint.
  6. Lately I've been having plenty of problems with the Raft/Brim printing, as I'm not quite sure of how they should look (in general, no specific case). So that's why I'm wondering if you guys/gals have any reference images for this. Any examples?
  7. Was this issue resolved, I'm having the same problems.
  8. Well, it required A LOT of leveling and adjusting the end stop, but it seems as if it worked, thanks :-P
  9. I realised a couple of days ago that a fan I printed got kind of stuck, so there's some bits of burnt PLA, but I managed to print pretty well after realising this. Could some damage due to the material sticking be the problem?
  10. Additionally, the settings are definitely no the problem, he's another print in low settings:
  11. I'm having a problem with this specific print (one of the ultimaker fans). Originally I thought that it was a leveling problem, since 3/4 of the print came out fine, but one of the corners just didn't stick. Now, I was sure the platform was leveled, and started to print, and the PLA came out all gummy/creamy. Any help? Just used the regular high settings from cure, nothing special, and I've had great results up to this point with the default settings cura gives. Edit: it seems as if the filament just randomly overflows or underflows after the first few lines of printin.
  12. Turns out that was it, which is weird considering i had already printed the ford motor from thingiverse with great ease. thanks a lot :-P
  13. Tried some uploading. Also uploading to youtube in case it doesn't work.
  14. I've been having a problem, after some successful prints. I've leveled the bed multiple times, but every time I try to print, the head goes to home, moves, and winds up about 0.5 cm too far from the print bead when it starts to print. I've adjusted the endstop multiple times, same with the height of the build area. Any thoughts?
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