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  1. Hi all, I just foolishly attempted to dismantle the head end for cleaning whilst it clearly wasn't warm enough. This resulted in me breaking both the nozzle, and the brass tube piece that goes inside the PEEK. Any ideas on where to get these parts locally without having to wait the few weeks of time getting them from the Netherlands? Also, are there any suggestions for creating your own brass tube piece? I'd seen a few ideas bouncing around online, but am unsure as to how accurate the size and setup etc. must be for these parts. Thank you for your assistance Z.
  2. Dear Paul, I just built my Ultimaker last weekend (I would consider myself a "capable novice") and I was printing White ABS straight out-of-the-box, so to speak. I haven't ventured down the "Black ABS" road just yet, but so far so good. Now, all that being said, I do like the look of: http://www.e3d-online.com/ourshop/prod_2567052-E3Dv4-All-metal-HotEnd-2-Week-PreOrder.html Just seems more appealing than having the Peek or PTFE, which other users seem to have issues with. Just my two cents to not get discouraged. Z.
  3. Dude! You are the man. You were correct. The green wire was sliced about 6 inches down (of course hidden inside the black cable wraps/passthroughs. The plastic was still intact, but clearly it was enough of a cut to sever communication. Can you believe it?! I'm so happy right now. So, for all those who might potentially experience this issue. Clearly the motor still operates, even when 1 wire is entirely severed. It will just act erratically. Hopefully this will help others who might come up with this. Thank you again gr5. You are owed a large drink. Z.
  4. I know, don't you hate it when people write things like "the same thing happened" - totally my bad. So, if it is the motor; do you know of any location in the US that I can just buy from directly - yes, I'm being impatient; but after a day's worth of work putting this printer together, and then all this time trying to get it to work; I'd love to get one quicker than UM will send it from Europe (I'm west coast US). Thanks Z.
  5. OK, something I think I missed..... If I "swap the X and Y" wires directly the X motor works perfectly, when selecting and moving the Y-Axis it is now connected to. Suggesting that there is nothing wrong on the Y-Axis side (driver etc.). The Y-Motor, now plugged into the X-Axis, continued to do the same thing, jumping around erratically when moving the X-Axis that it is now attached too. I've tried using the UltiController and the Cura "Jog" tab to move the steppers, and they both result in the same thing. So, this suggests that the problem is with the motor, and not with the drivers etc. Would you agree? Yes, just for reference; the pot is exactly where it was (the "9:30" position) - which matches the X and Extruder drivers (from my understanding the Z Axis is a little "higher" which is where it is set (and never been touched). Thank you again for your help Z.
  6. OK, so I've flashed the board again, and now my Extruder motor is working; so that is a good thing. However, it basically appears that the Y-Axis is just randomly jumping around. It has "no idea" where it is. Can anybody point me in the right direction on what might cause this to act erratically. I was wondering if perhaps the EndStops were faulty and feeding it bad information on where to go; but I really have no idea what I'm talking about, as I'm just a beginner; so I'm taking shots in the dark. Once again, all help is greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm so close. Thanks Z.
  7. Dear Owen, Thanks so much for getting back to me. There was a guy offering a bottle of liquor to the person that found them this information. If I come across his post again, I'll refer him to you ;-) Thanks again. Z.
  8. Dear Owen, I have been looking, as have others according to my searches, for the spec sheet that you mention above for the UltiStepper Drivers; in order to find this pin that you measure voltage from and haven't had any luck. Any suggestions on where to look? The Ulti wiki page only has a CAD drawing and no info. Also, when you say the "driver board" will blow, are you referring to the UltiStepper Driver itself (I think it is A4988 Carrier board) ? So basically you will kill the UltiStepper, not the main electronics board that the UltiStepper plugs into? Thanks for the help. Z.
  9. OK, I've also just noticed that I have no control of the Extruder motor either (having never been able to print, I have yet to realize this). When attempting to move the motor, nothing at all happens. I have tested this motor in my "X-Axis Port" and it works fine. So, I am basically having strange movement issues with my Y-Axis, and no movement with my Extruder. Thanks again for suggestions. I'm guessing that the electronics board is faulty at this stage?
  10. Thank you for the suggestions. I tried swapping the drivers and the same situation occurs. I also tried adjusting the trim potentiometer but no luck. One question on doing so. From where do I get a reading for the multimeter from the stepper driver? And what Voltage should I be getting? Luckily I read that my particular driver must be adjusted Counter Clockwise, rather than clockwise. However, I have no "Stop" as such, so it's impossible to know where it is set at (without a multimeter reading). Thank you again for your assistance. I haven't heard a thing from Ultimaker since I sent them a support request. Are they generally backed up in responding to support requests? Should I not have marked it "Critical" (was that douchey thing to do).
  11. I have just setup the Ultimaker today and the Y-Axis motor does not seem to be working correctly. The X-Axis moves smoothly, but the Y is extremely jerky and erratic. If I manually move the head with the "Move Axis" function, I can see the motor jumping back and forth, even if I am moving it in only one direction. I removed the motor from the unit to see if there was any friction etc. causing the issue, but the same problem occurs. The Motor appears to move randomly, and not in a smooth continuous direction as the other motors do. Now, the strange thing is, if I plug the X-Axis motor into the Y-Axis port, it will work only in one direction. Also, I am able to get the head to "return to home", although it does it in this erratic motion on the Y-Axis, juddering back and forth "violently". The wiring appears correct in the motor and plug that connects to the board. I just connected to Cura, and it upgraded to version 13.03, from March 1, 2013. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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