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  1. ah okay, maybe its just i'm printing so slow. I'm printing a new drive system so I will be printing much faster and I will need to make sure acceleration is moving at that time. Appreciate the advice.
  2. printing really sloooow right now, printing parts to redesign a mill... 3mm per second I guess i am not 100% sure its not doing it, I do know that there is a different sound to the stepper motors when acceleration is ramping up and down. This is not doing any ramping up or down, just going speed x to its destination.
  3. It does not appear that Cura is honoring the acceleration settings in my custom firmware. Is there a way to get it to use acceleration correctly? I currently have acceleration set in marlin to 200 and when this is used correctly there is audible acceleration going on with my motors. This does not seem to be the case. Maybe in the start gcode or something? Appreciate any help! Thanks!
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