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  1. I would suggest using the same rice you used for the 'group buy'. They were sold out pretty quick i think so the price was good. It might even suggest a little higher is still ok.
  2. I have a compressor with a 60l tank at 100-120 psi, i am going to try using that for cooling. Have to find a good regulator to lower the pressure, don't want to blow away the pieces.
  3. I have a Sieg C4 lathe on the way. Making a z-coupler with a better fit will be the first task.
  4. Markus, Received them last week, and without having to pay taxes. Prints are running smoother and more silent, so i am happy with the result. Only Z-Axis artifacts are visible, so that will be next. @MakingZone. It was always 2 screws. I checked the whole thread but it was never mentioned that there would be more than 2.
  5. I have one, unfortunately no time to put it together yet. It has a nozzle to make 3mm filament and i have a bag of PLA to start with. Probably next month or so when i can start with it.
  6. I was thinking about a new head design for the ultimaker along the same lines that has internal holes to direct an airflow provided by a fan or hose on the top. The top is now just a 'clamp', holes for mounting a fan or hose has still to be done. It is also for mounting a second extruder. The Bowden tube(s) will be clamped. I have stopped with it because of lack of time but for someone who is interested i have a sketchup model available that can be printed in 4 parts and is a replacement of the current head. Here is a picture of it.
  7. If you want to straighten out the bed you could use some reinforcements on the outer case and use a "moving knot". The CNC guys use this to make sure the gantry moves on both sides exactly the same.
  8. If there will be another batch i would like to reserve a full set.
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