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  1. Amedee, which pip version are you using. thanks
  2. do we use "pip install power" because its asking for sudo to run the inter connected dependencies
  3. Daid, I am working with the latest Cura in git and trying to build Cura for Max OSX 10.10. Initially I was getting a serial module not found, but now I am getting power module not found. I searched through package.sh, power module is not getting explicitly copied compare to builds of other platforms. Furthermore py2app is the correct required version. Any help here is greatly appreciated. thanks Mohammed Mohammeds-MacBook-Air:Cura MacBookAirMHK$ Cura/Cura.app/Contents/MacOS/Cura load preferences from /Users/MacBookAirMHK/Library/Application Support/Cura/14.11-RC7/preferences.ini
  4. daid which version of Code blocks are you using gcc4.7.1 or gcc4.8.1 thanks
  5. Daid, thanks for your reply. I have installed Codeblocks and still getting the following error. Also I am using a windoww 7 operating system C:\Github\CuraEngine>mingw32-make all The syntax of the command is incorrect. mingw32-make: [build/] Error 1 (ignored) The syntax of the command is incorrect. mingw32-make: [build/modelFile/] Error 1 (ignored) The syntax of the command is incorrect. mingw32-make: [build/utils/] Error 1 (ignored) g++ -c -Wall -Wextra -Wold-style-cast -Woverloaded-virtual -std=c++11 -DVERSION= \"DEV\" -isystem libs -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -march=pentium4 -flto
  6. Hello Daid, When I am using package.sh to build Cura.exe, the size of CuraEngine.exe is approximately half compared to CuraEngine.exe packaged with the release version from software.Ultimaker.com. Gcode toolpaths within my CuraEngine do not work on any machine other than the build machine I have shared a link of package.sh https://www.dropbox.com/s/9e1pgmbzrpsv889/package.sh?dl=0 And I have commented only the following lines #package the result if (( ${ARCHIVE_FOR_DISTRIBUTION} )); then if [ $BUILD_TARGET = "win32" ]; then #rm ${TARGET_DIR}.zip #cd ${TARGET_DIR} #7z a ../${TARGET_DIR
  7. Hi do we use ming32-make-all to build CuraEngine.exe
  8. Hello Daid Is there a feature whereI can read the gcode from one file and write the debug log statements to another file. thanks Mohammed
  9. Hello Daid, Can you pls share the command line to run Cura on a Mac thanks
  10. Hi Daid, I have installed mingw32-make and running make in the CuraEngine directory in the DOS prompt. I am getting the following error. Can you pls help us with set up of environment C:githubmhkCuraCuraEngine>mingw32-make all g++ -I. -c -Wall -Wextra -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer gcodeExport.cpp -o gcodeExport.o In file included from utils/intpoint.h:12, from utils/floatpoint.h:10, from settings.h:4, from gcodeExport.h:7, from gcodeExport.cpp:4: clipper/clipper.hpp:41: ostream: No such file or directory In file includ
  11. Daid, I am also using mingw32 but having the same problem as above as the Exe is incomplete. Where do I get access to code block 12.11 on github Also can you specify which dlls are missing for me to build with cygwin. thanks Mohammed
  12. Hello Daid, When I am running the Make utility for cygwin win7 for CuraEngine, I am getting CuraEngine.exe of only 367KB. This CuraEngine does not work with Cura The released CuraEngine.exe size is 1MB. I am synching from github.com/Ultimaker.com/CuraEngine.exe master branch. Any ideas?? thanks Mohammed
  13. Hello, When I am making CuraEngine on my Win7 64 bit, I am getting the following error $ mingw32-make all g++ -I. -c -Wall -Wextra -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer main.cpp -o main.o In file included from main.cpp:34:0: gcodeExport.h: In member function ‘void GCodeExport::replaceTagInStart(const char*, const char*)’: gcodeExport.h:65:9: error: ‘off64_t’ was not declared in this scope off64_t oldPos = ftello64(f); ^ gcodeExport.h:65:17: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘oldPos’ off64_t oldPos = ftello64(f); ^ gcodeExport.h:68:32: error: ‘fseeko64’ was n
  14. Sorry, Posted the above message, without a lot of description. I have set Dual Extrusion ON and trying to print support material with the second extruder. Mohammed
  15. Hello Daid, The https://www.dropbox.com/s/ecaihp8lnw80osg/arc.gcode has the gcode file, there is no mention of T1 for the second extruder. Is this is a known issue. regards Mohammed
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