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  1. Thank you so much! I have really been wanting to give this a try. I am just using the Marlin 13.03 from Cura and haven't had too many issues but I really wanted to experiment. This is a great help!
  2. YESSSSSS! Repaired the cable and it is now reading the SD card and printing away. Hope all my updates were not too annoying and hopefully might help someone else down the road if they experience this problem.
  3. Okay... nevermind. opened the bottom and switched the grey cables and inspected everything. Now it reads the cards just fine... well sort of. For a few seconds then it goes crazy flashing from one screen to the next and beeping in 1 second intervals. I have inspected the cable and see one of the wires has torn/yanked out... Maybe that is what all the sounds and flashing are about. I am going to try to repair it now and hopefully all will be well again. Damn I LOVE my Ultimaker! I am going to post some of the crazy stuff I've been trying later this week.
  4. After reading the Ulticontroller wiki over I realized I didn't do a custom build of the firmware. I just installed Cura, updated to Marlin firmware and started printing. Might this be the problem? Is there any "easy" way to check if the SD card is enabled in the firmware I am using? PS - I have now tried 4 SD cards and format/reformatted on a Mac and a Windows computer with no luck. Everything else about the ulticontroller seems to work fine. Thanks for any help.
  5. Ok so bad news... still shows "no card" I have tried to format and reformat it several times... and tried on all three SD cards. Any other suggestions? I am working on a mac right now. I think my Wii formats to Fat23 so I might try that next. Any ideas? Thanks again!
  6. So I got my Ultimaker built, calibrated, tweaked, and it is cranking away. I love this thing... BUT I cannot get the Ulticontroller to work with my SD cards. I have a Sandisk 2GB SD card that is formatted on my mac, I cleared it out, loaded some gcode files and followed the instructions on the site. The Ulticontroller recognizes a card has been inserted but when I go further into the menu where I should see "card menu" all I see is "no card" I have tried 3 different SD cards and same thing. I am guessing they just aren't formatted correctly for the Ulticontroller? Two of the three SD cards
  7. Hi guys and gals, I am located in Tampa, FL USA and hoping to find an Ultimaker for sale or someone who is about to sell in the USA or North America. I love the Ultimaker but really would prefer not to wait the 20-25 days to get it from the UK. It can be a kit or assembled. If anyone is interested please send me a private message or email me at mb@ybb.co Thanks for your time and help, -Matt B
  8. I am located in Tampa, FL and very interested. Can you send pictures or anything? Please private message me or email me at mb@ybb.co or we can talk on here. Thanks -Matt
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