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  1. I have several ideas to improve the support structures implementation. - Add a feedrate multiplier for the support structures to print them faster. - Add an option to print layers of support structures in contact with the part with a 100% fill density. I've modified the raft plugin as I could to add this feature but I am limited by my programming skills : http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_43/gallery_5119_43_6280.jpg Even better, create a solid shell just under the printed part. This option will be unusable with a single extruder. I made a quick example using blender's 3D printing tools add-on to see what it would look like : http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_43/gallery_5119_43_221.jpg Also, for dual extruders, it would be great to have a "filament packing density" setting for each extruders, and a way to insert specific gcode commands to switch each extruder, it may be not useful for the Ultimaker, but it will be for other printers.
  2. Never mind, I've found what I was looking for, it's in Cura\slice\cura_sf\fabmetheus_utilities\settings.py
  3. I've found the bug : In Cura\slice\cura_sf\fabmetheus_utilities\settings.py, line 384 : 'Activate_Alteration' is set to "false", set it to "True" and the extruder switching gcode will be written in the output file. It will also double the start and end gcode, to correct that, in Cura\slice\__main__.py, disable the lines 55, 87 and 88 with a # at the beginning of the lines, like this : Line 55 : #resultFile.write(profile.getAlterationFileContents('start.gcode').replace('?filename?', ' '.join(filenames).encode('ascii', 'replace'))) Lines 87 - 88 : #resultFile.write(';TYPE:CUSTOM\n') #resultFile.write(profile.getAlterationFileContents('end.gcode')) It will leaves 2x ";TYPE:CUSTOM" at the beginning of the file, but only one start and end procedure. [edit] This fix only works for printing support structures with a dual extruder, it doesn't work with a 2 parts object. In order to make it work with a 2 parts object, we need to add a bit of code : in Cura_13.03\Cura\slice\cura_sf\fabmetheus_utilities\settings.py, line 384 : 'Activate_Alteration': storedSetting("support_dual_extrusion"), in Cura_13.03\Cura\slice\__main__.py, line 53 to 57 : if idx == 0: if profile.getProfileSetting('support_dual_extrusion') == 'False': resultFile.write(';TYPE:CUSTOM\n') resultFile.write(profile.getAlterationFileContents('start.gcode').replace('?filename?', ' '.join(filenames).encode('ascii', 'replace'))) else: and in lines 88 to 90: if profile.getProfileSetting('support_dual_extrusion') == 'False': resultFile.write(';TYPE:CUSTOM\n') resultFile.write(profile.getAlterationFileContents('end.gcode')) Now, it should work with a 2 parts object too if you uncheck "support dual extrusion"
  4. Yes, I saw that you changed a lot of things. Btw, where is the code that insert the extruder switching gcode in cura 12.12A ? It's in Cura\slice\__main__.py on cura 13.03 but I can't locate it on 12.12A
  5. 13.01 : same problem 12.12A : it works
  6. I have the same problem, the extruder switching gcode is read (I get an error if I put an illegal charracter like "°") but not inserted in the output file.
  7. I don't own an Ultimaker, I designed and made my own printer : http://reprap.org/wiki/Heavy_Mendel I usually use skeinforge but since I upgraded to a dual extruder, I need a slicer that can handle 2 extruders. That's how I found cura, The interface is really great and since it is written in python, it can be easily adapted to my printer needs. e.g. : I need to insert specific gcode commands to switch each extruder. But there is one thing that bother me : the "expert settings" is too simple, I need an access to all the skeinforge parameters like support structure density and threshold angle, first layer speed multiplier, extra shells... I can add the parameters on the expert panel but I don't see how the settings are transfered to the skeinforge back-end. Which python script make the link from the cura gui to skeinforge and how it's done ? Also, the "support dual extruder" function doesn't work. The gcode commands to switch the extruder are read (I get an error if I put an illegal character like "°") but not integrated in the output file. I tried with a clean install, same problem.
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