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  1. Didn't even think of oiling. Thanks for that! https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/150-lubricating-the-axes
  2. Hi Ultimaker Board, It's been like 4 years since I put my Ultimaker Original to use. It has been sitting in the closet and has been carried on 2 migrations (moving from apartment to apartment over the years). I powered up the Ultimaker earlier today for a print and it turns out the X and Y axis don't move at all! Z axis (bed) moves perfectly fine, up and down very smoothly. The entire unit shakes very hard when I try to make a print. PLA plastic oozes out just fine. With the Ultimaker turned off completely, I cannot move the print head freely at all. I would need to use excessive force on t
  3. just moved to a new apartment and realized I left the PSU for my Ultimaker Original somewhere (nowhere to be found). can someone advise to where i can buy a replacement Power Supply Unit? I see tons on eBay and Amazon but there's so many different ones, I'll probably end up getting the wrong one. Any help is appreciated!
  4. And YES, I do appreciate your input Illuminarti.
  5. Illuminarti, I do understand your point, and yes I know there is no simple answer to what I asked, but a simple answer wasn't what I was looking for. It's already obvious to me there is no one God setting that prints all fine things in life at Mach 1 speed. What I was asking was what are YOUR optimal settings for fine print quality. One example setting would have sufficed, instead you turn this topic into something else and I have to respond. Take a look at the quality and see what I'm talking about. All the bad ones, I chucked in an office can, these are the only ones I found out of at least
  6. Appreciate the input. I didn't know I could go less than 0.1mm on the layer. Would slowing down the print speed along with thinning the layer be necessary? Or can I stay at the default speed?
  7. I believe you two have taken it the wrong way. Never, was I disappointed in the machine. Nor were my prints resulting to poor results. If I've somehow offended either of you with my topic, I didn't mean to. As a matter of fact, I love this machine and I think it's the sickest thing ever. It's my first 3D printer to own and some of the other machines I've seen like Printrbot, the Afinias and the POS Cube don't even come CLOSE when it comes to the quality and speed factors (although I do plan to purchase a Rep 2 in the near future). But this wasn't a review of the machine. My question was regard
  8. Cool. Sorta creepy A.F. but still cool.
  9. Enjoying my new Ultimaker that I received just 3 days ago. I've already printed so many different objects so far but I noticed the quality just isn't what I expected it to be. What are your settings for finer quality prints? I'm on CURA and using the standard default settings printing basic objects like toys, gadgets, and little tools. But now I want to print out some sculptures that require some more detail. Basically, I'm trying to go for much finer prints, I don't mind the time as much. I can leave the machine running overnight.
  10. Just want to update to you all, I'm having so much fun with the machine. Already on my 30th print. Going mad!!!! :-P :mrgreen:
  11. Punish me lol. Thanks for the tip(s) Trion, including for the previous thread A plethora of saves. Thank you!
  12. Trion, You're the man. Thank you.
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