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  1. with 250000 I could not connect with raspi when it set to 250000, with 115200 no problem. I use for my fair phone cases 14.07 cause it slices better, for normal things 14.12. I want to test 15.01. But when the printer doesn't work properly it's useless.
  2. Jonny you're right 115200. I only know 115000. You can't select odd numbers.
  3. I tested the new version and there is a problem with moving the printhead slow. Then my printhead begans to stutter and you can put the print in the trash. I've upgraded the firmware but I only use 115000 because with 250000 in speed seting for communication I can't use my printer with octoprint.
  4. have you take a look in (user) and then /Library/Application Support/Cura/
  5. thanks found it. Why cura copys the file to the new version? They are in folders for the cura versions.
  6. not the print profile. The printer setting. I can't find them.
  7. Everytime Cura gets an update the settings for all my printers are gone. Not the slicer setting, the settings for the printer. I got 3 printer profiles for different printers, and these are gone. Only one UM original is left. Where can I find them? So that I can copy from my Time Machine Backup this settings. I don't want to make new printers and make new settings for those.
  8. Nur einmal so als Einwurf: http://www.clever3d.de/product_info.php?cPath=38&products_id=47 44€ kostet dort die Platte.
  9. I print a lot with colourfabb PLA and sometimes when I print to hot I get this hairy look. Normal I print with 195 degrees and 40mm/s.
  10. yes 2 times G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length G1 F200 E3 ;extrude 3mm of feed stock G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again
  11. Problem is I often places very complex parts in cura and it tries do slice these objects before I'am ready with placing and rotating them correct. This is no problem, if cura uses multicore processing (I got only 24 cores there should be enough power do slice the object instand, we discussed that in another tread) but when cura only uses one core it takes long until you can replace your object and rotate it. Is it possible to turn off the auto slicing and to the slicing when you press a button? Yes like the old days of cura. It might be a useful setting in new cura. Also I hope that a profile manager is integrated. I got 20-30 print profiles and always load the profile from the hard disk with clicking around in the folders is very time-consuming. Maybe you can change the profile folder to a standard one, so you don't have to search your profile folder?
  12. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26655663/3D%20Drucker/Bildschirmfoto%202014-09-11%20um%2009.49.22.png That's my issue with cura.
  13. all wooden parts. perfect would be complete part list for 2. extruder. Is it possible do buy the inject molded parts (cause I got some problems) with my old filament extruder (made out of cutter wood)
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