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  1. So now it's: @Nomo @gr5 @Scrat82 @deisengard (3 units) Almost a reasonable number. However due to holiday season here the new estimated shipping would be late August.
  2. With "gets stuck" do you mean the filament can't be moved anymore or the filament keeps moving but the sensor gear doesn't turn (sensor wheels slipping)?
  3. But to me this looks pretty ok. Sensor wheel turns as long as the filament moves. However there some moments when I hear the feeder turning (I think) but nothing moves.
  4. PM with shipping address so far: @Nomo @gr5 (new) Other guys, come on! I need a little more feedback to place the parts order.
  5. @danyetman, @planeflake, @Ramzes777, @Scrat82, @reprogue, @Nomo Some news: Estimated shipping: early June Price, including shipping: € 75 / US$ 88 Shippping: tracked DHL shipping Please send a PM with your contact details.
  6. orders currently: @danyetman @planeflake @Ramzes777 @Scrat82 (3 items) @reprogue @Nomo
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for collecting orders 👍 I'll see how long manufacturing a next batch will take and keep you posted.
  8. I've one kit available at the moment. First come first serve 😉 Manufacturing a new batch would require at least 5 binding orders. And no, no news about a UM3 integration unfortunately.
  9. Sorry guys! The original images seem to be gone forever. However I took some new ones. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi Flowbey, That looks pretty neat.👍 I used a heated bed with a solid state relay on the UMO with no issues, so I would not expect any problems on the UM2.
  11. Hi, Glad to have you here. Please check the power budget settings and search for that topic here. This is a rather common issue and, due to individual hardware variations, the solution is not perfectly straightforward but a requires some tinkering.
  12. @laverda @henry-tong @Ace1992 @wimismith @3dprinting_guy @Ramzes777 Please send me a PM with your address details and add a remark if you want more than one sensor.
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