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  1. Well i played about with the fan wires and moved them away from the yellow red wires of the thermo, kinda did something, now i don't get the max temp error with the fan on, but the temp does fluctuate wildly between 220 and 239. It's definitely the fan as with the fan turned off i get no issues. Also normally i do run the fan at about 60-90 rather than full blast. It's just weird how its started to do this problem now, after 3+ months of printing fine. I'll investigate the main board next. Thanks for your help
  2. Hey so my bought assembled ultimaker original keeps giving me the max temp error every time i turn the cooling fan on. Meaning I have to print without the fan (things get a little globby). It was working fine, not sure what's happened, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Spot on, even with sanding (dremmel) and filler and filler primer, pla still is a touch rough.
  4. Beautiful model very well done, makes me want to switch to abs printing.
  5. Beautiful! yeah the layer lines can be a pain, they especially show up when photographing them, their usually not so prominent in real life.
  6. So this is what i've been working on lately http://www.youtube.com/embed/5EEGUoWfTTA My walking tank. I'm in the process of smoothing the printed parts (a mix of milliput plasto and auto spray filler) at the mo'.
  7. Theres a number of reasons why i can't share it. like i want to sell it, i didn't do all that work for nothing. but i cant sell the stls for copyright reasons anyway as only one can be made for sale. Personally i see my ultimaker as a tool for making physical products for physical sale, i dont see the digital marketplace side working as well as it does for other industries. Anyway ive just finished assembling my new model, i'll post that once i've finished editing the video.
  8. Yup i turned dupe' outlines off and the problem's gone! I kinda liked using that setting though, as i understand it it gives you half your chosen layer height only on the edge so it doesn't bump up print times.
  9. Ahhh so its possibly the firmware, i'll reburn the firmware onto my ultimaker first thing tomorrow. Illuminarty, i've sent you an email with the gcode, hopefully it helps. I got my firmware through Cura back in January. thanks guys !
  10. So been having a problem lately with some of my models, but weirdly not all. With certain models when the printer reaches the second layer (after printing the first fine) it will move to a different co ordinate and print the second layer offset. So that the second layers about 10mm off to one side. Time and time again it does this, its not hitting anything. I've examined and fixed the geometry, re exported, re-sliced on two different versions of Cura on two different computers, yet it still skews. I have my ultimaker set quite slow, so i can watch the printhead purposefully move to that wro
  11. Hmm share the model, you mean I send you guys the stl's. As that would be a problem because the files a mess and it was built as i was learning to print so the pieces are in varying states of that learning. If I was to do it again now I'd do it very differently which means changing each of the 150+ parts... :oops: . Also i didn't save alot of the stls on my card like i do now ( i deleted them to save space)and some of the pieces didn't come out too well and needed fixing in post. So all in all it would require an overhaul for someone else to use the files and not have an aneurism. I'm bu
  12. Thanks Ian, The layer height varies between pieces, some were done with quick and fast (structural), some more detailed pieces were done with high quality. It was made before i'd dared to use the advanced settings. there was a lot of support material. Gw would kill me if i put this up on any site, theres already been takedowns and cease and desists sent to peep's modelling stuff in their universe and hosting it. Fortunately they do allow one offs, ergo the large amount of scratch built titans out there. Also personally i'd rather make stuff and sell physical things than sell .stl's.
  13. Cheers all! Most of the detail came out with the machine, the post work was just fixing some errors and smoothing it all off. I smoothed it off with a mini drill, a soldering iron, a little milliput, but mostly with car spray filler primer.( i need to get another can of that. i've been trying to paint some of my latest printed models without it and the grain is visible through the paint) This was also printed out mainly with intersections, before i realised that cura doesn't like intersections, so a lot of the rivets and details came out quite rough. It was printed using Curas quick print
  14. So i got my Ultimaker in January , and like any sane individual i set myself a massive goal for my first print. To make a warhound titan. heres the vid showing the finished result Now im pretty much printing and sculpting like a madman every day, cheers ultimaker!
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