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  1. Thanks for this. I suppose I just needed an arm round the shoulder (or a kick up the backside!) before getting underway. One of the things I really like about UM is the community that has clearly developed. I'll download Cura and see how an old git gets on. Might be better if I was 10! I'm really only thinking of it as a way of manufacturing one off, products - perhaps almost as an answer to not being able to injection mould. I dare say once we get started its use will become clearer but I don't expect to have groups of 20 students waiting in turn to use it. Thanks again.
  2. Hi. I teach Design and Technology in a UK school and we are seriously considering purchasing a UM kit for our small department. I was wondering how sensible/feasible other users think this would be. Questions of how robust it is, ease of set up and use, running costs, customer support spring to mind. Also, we have autodesk inventor which can save as STL files, what software is best used to set all the parameters for printing? Remember, wer'e talking school kids who have short lesson time and not massive expereince! I'd really appreciate your advice. Many thanks.
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