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  1. It's only settable in the per objects setting: "support_mesh_drop_down": { "label": "Drop Down Support Mesh", "description": "Make support everywhere below the support mesh, so that there's no overhang in the support mesh.", "type": "bool", "default_value": true, "enabled": "support_mesh", "settable_per_mesh": true, "settable_per_extruder": false, "settable_per_meshgroup": false, "settable_globally": false }
  2. Please report issues on github. When reporting issues, also take care to not just say what is going on, but also provide us with reproduction steps / logs. We clearly didn't have the issue ourselves, so we need more info to fix it.
  3. If they advise you to use that version, they should also provide the support for it. That version of Cura hasn't been updated for almost 5 years now, so we don't provide any form of support for it.
  4. Number two has been reported to us via Github alread (which is the prefered way to report Cura issues). As for number one, there are just too many things that could cause this, so i can't really say what the issue is for you. I do know that a number of connection issues have been fixed for the upcoming FW release.
  5. Cura isn't talking to the internet to slice, but it is strying to create a local socket. So it could be that nordVPN is somehow interfering with that.
  6. You're suffering from this issue: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8136 The logs state "2021-01-16 20:07:47,352 - DEBUG - [MainThread] CuraEngineBackend.CuraEngineBackend._onBackendQuit [898]: Backend quit with return code 3221225477. Resetting process and socket." Could you please add your logs to that ticket?
  7. The Ultimaker profiles are, since we test them. We obviously don't test every single combination of settings out there, so we cant guarantee that all of them work (There are literally billions of combinations possible). The non ultimaker profiles are not tested or created by us. We get them via contributions in most cases from comunity members. Since we don't have those printers or the capacity to test them in the same way as our own printers (and very little incentive to either get the printers or capacity), those profiles might be of a lower quality.
  8. Update existing will load the settings in memory. This marks the profile as dirty and will trigger a save to disk in a few seconds (or when closing Cura). If you don't want this you need to use "create new".
  9. For some reason the model is grouped. You can ungroup them by pressing right mouse button and select "ungroup"
  10. Installing a plugin doesn't need the plugin folder to be opened. You can just drag your .curaprofile onto cura and it will be installed. On windows the folder is located at C:\Users\\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\cura\<Cura version>\
  11. Or even beter; Post it on our issue tracker on github so all the developers will see it 🙂
  12. You could try to deactivate the UMNetworkPlugin (you can do that via marketplace -> installed)
  13. Not completely different. You can change some settings per object: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012031399-How-to-adjust-print-settings-per-model-in-Ultimaker-Cura
  14. You can remove it from marketplace.ultimaker.com (since you added it to your account there, you should also remove it there).
  15. Some printers have a lower max travel speed because their firmware doesn't accept the higher travel speeds. So in that case it's not Cura, it's the firmware.
  16. We are seriously considering renaming it to "Force Overhangs Prinable" or something. Make printable sounds like something you'd always want (whereas it's clearly not what you'd want. To be honest; I don't think that this is something people should enable at all!)
  17. Note; you might actually want to decrease the max resolution settings when using this plugin. Lines per segment aren't that important anymore (As such, you don't want any simplifications going on before you weld the lines together)
  18. The library itself mentions that it needs python 3.6 or higher.
  19. Maybe, maybe not. It's not so much a problem of getting it to work for a processor architecture. Developing for a mobile ecosystem has a lot more hurdles (such as the whole "you can't sideload code" issue). If Apple pushes forward with their support of Metal (and completely remove openGL support) I do fear the worst. It would cost us a lot of work to convert it and it would also add quite a bit of extra maintenance burden (since metal doesn't work on other systems, so we would have to support multiple rendering systems). We could try and switch over to the more agnostic system that Qt
  20. Please create a bug report on Github (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues)
  21. Because they often don't appear in the same sentence is exactly why we try to keep the code implementation more simple. Cura is a very complicated bit of software and the more cases we have to take into account, the harder it becomes. If we can just assume that travel is handled the same everywhere (eg; without any modifier meshes) it makes things a lot easier; Travel moves don't need to be cut up, no strategies need to be defined for travel moves that are right outside another object, etc.
  22. Simplicity of implementation is the main reason.
  23. I'll have a look. It could be that I just assumed that adding two views is currently possible. If it's not, we might need to change that. *EDIT* I think I found it. You need to set the self._name of the view. If you don't set the name it will use the id of the plugin. If a name is set it will use pluginId_name as the identifier of the view.
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