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  1. Shell extensions (such as those provided by google drive / adobe) are the culprit here. The framework that Cura uses (Qt) has some issues with handling them. If you disable them, it should work again.
  2. It's annoying to me because I never select anything but automatic, so it's a personal opinion. Not a reason for it to be removed. I've also stated a number of (technical) reasons that I know about that made this a rather annoying feature to maintain. Also; I'm not involved with Cura Connect, so any information I give from that is from second hand (and should be treated as such).
  3. I'm unfortunately not seeing anything that could explain the issue. Could you try if the (unofficial) ppa does work (that way we can cross out the appimage as the cause of the problems)?
  4. I'm seeing some issues in the log, but I'm not quite sure if they are causing the issues; - There is a (custom) plugin that is failing to be loaded called the "MKS Plugin". - There is a printer that doesn't have a definition set called BIBO2. This is probably the result of manually adding a printer definition and not adding all the files it needs.
  5. Well, that's another thing about file formats, they quite often don't define what the center is / means. 3MF is one of the few formats that actually does define a origin with respect to the buildplate and what axis is "up". So if you export the file in 3MF and import it in Cura, it should work.
  6. For the next time, could you use the github issue tracker (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/) since not all developers are on the forum? Other than that, could you share the log files? They might contain some info that we can use to fix it.
  7. Well, we don't always know all the flows that people use. That's why i'm asking. I personally found the dialog to be insanely annoying. Also note; I'm not an engineer that is working on Cura Connect, so I don't have all the information regarding this. It's not just the dialog that's the issue of course. What can happen is that you force something to be printed with a certain printer, but it simply can't ever print it. This causes all kinds of UX issues down the stream (and make the rest of the architecture a lot more complicated).
  8. Cura loads a file with the orientation it was given. That being said, Cura does assume that the Z axis is up from the buildplate. It could be that materialise magics does not.
  9. Could you share your log files? Also; Check if your firewall is blocking things. Sometimes it just decides that CuraEngine is the enemy and blocks all attempts to communicate with it.
  10. Could you share your log files? My initial guess would be that it's failing to write files to your harddrive (since thats how the machines are stored).
  11. Well, we only support the appimage that we provide. So any issues with other packages should be taken up with the respective maintainers. That being said; Nope, I've not seen this issue before.
  12. Well, if you don't care about the color, the idea is that a user selects generic. Generic will match with any color on the printer. If you select blue PLA, it will only be printed on a machine that actually has blue PLA.
  13. What is your specific use case? I never quite understood the logic of having the feature in in the first place (eg; why not just have them all as a group of one if you always want to select manually?)
  14. Interesting idea! I'd love to hear about your progress. if you need any specific advice on how to make the plugin, feel free to contact me.
  15. We're already a slew of Cura updates ahead. Now you can also just disable an extruder if you're not using it. Once you do, the right profiles should appear again.
  16. When using a format like 3MF, there is no need for a conversion, since the format itself simply defines the unit (which is used by Cura to convert into mm). Some formats (like STL) don't have this, but the most commonly used unit for STL's is metric (so Cura assumes this). If it is in inches, it's also rather trivial to convert it, as it's just scaling it by 25.4. Also allowing for settings to be in multiple systems would be a lot more difficult, and add an maintenance burden on us. This is why we chose not to support it and keep all settings in the scientific (and thus metric) system. I also don't think it matters that much. Settings might say things like 50 mm/s, but usually if people change it, they change it based on what's already there (eg; It needs to be a bit faster, so let's make it 60). For these relative changes the unit doesn't have that much impact.
  17. It's the first time i've heard about this issue in the context of running Cura. Did you try running it in compatibility mode?
  18. It's also where the material alliance comes into play again. We're working with them to find settings so that a good tip can be created automatically. We have default settings for most common (generic) profiles, but it's usually a good idea to get settings as specific as you can get them.
  19. Agreed, but it's not supported at this moment. The main reason for that is that we can't move the feeder wheel over a given bit of filament too much, since it "bites" a bit into the filament for grip. If you do that too often (eg, retracting a lot), this could cause some issues. We currently have that dialed in with Cura to a pretty safe margin. If you would switch a number of times per layer (because you could theoretically use 6 materials in one layer), this will add a number of passes to the material that Cura will have some trouble keeping track of. So in order to fix this, we will have to do a fair bit of experimentation to see if those multiple passes will cause issues (and most importantly, when). Do you mean like mixing material colors so that a specific color could be reached? If that's what you're asking, I can say some things about the difficulties that it will bring (again, most of this is theoretical since I'm Software engineer and we haven't actually tried it). The main issue I see with mixing is the actual purging and ensuring that the mixing is done right. It's going to be pretty tricky to reliably feed (and mix) 10% white and 90% black to get the very dark gray that you want. You can improve the mixing by increasing the hot zone (area inside the nozzle that is hot enough to make the material liquid/gooey), but this comes at the expense of less control of what comes out of the nozzle (oozing) and having to purge more material when changing (longer hot area means more volume).
  20. Don't worry. A lot of the people working at Ultimaker still have "the small guys / girls" at heart. Probably because most of them used to be on the other side before. So even if the recently announced products don't match up with the expectations of that part of the market, it's by no means an indication that we forgot about all the other parts.
  21. A lot of engineering hours went into the tension breaking midway. It will probably do something for the sound, but there is also an active fan on the lid (both to ensure pressure difference so the particles get filterd and to control the temperature inside the printer), which adds sound again. I can't say for sure if the total package is more / less noisy.
  22. I think this was possible in 2017. Check the "Infill Layer Thickness" setting. It doesn't exactly do what you want it do do, but it's almost there. This setting allows for the infill to be printed at a different layer height than the rest of the print. So if you're doing the print at 0.1 mm, you can do the infill at 0.2 (but not 0.15, as it needs to be a multiplier of the main layer height). Alternatively, if you have a dual extruder machine, you can also set it up to print the infill with the larger nozzle and the outer wall with a smaller nozzle. This wont save you a lot of time for smaller prints (as the cooling down / heating up also takes time) but it should make it faster for larger prints.
  23. You might also want to have a look at the e-nable project. They make prosthetic hands for kids. The use case is not as extreme as this, but it has some of the same problems (Fit, comfort, sturdyness) that you face.
  24. I still have a ton of Ultibot business cards, so until those are gone, it isn't really dead.
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