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  1. Thank you all for your help! I am now trying to put the 5 seg time limit for each layer on NF but still haven't been able to do this correctly. In regard to the retraction. I am now retracting on the correct speed but it still didn't help a lot. I am now thinking in playing around with the extrude rate to see if its over extruding in some point or not.
  2. Hello fellow builders, I have had my ultimaker for a few months now and my prints look amazing and for the most part I don't have many problems with anything. But for some strange reason I have severe stringing when there are jumps. I have looked in to the things that cause stringing and i think I have eliminated them all ( the movement of the jumps are now 300mm/s, I extrude at 185-190C) and for some reason it just keeps stringing and bad. Any ideas? My other problem is with the Z axes. When I do prints that start big and get small they always tend to be a perfect print on the bottom and when I get to the small areas they over extrude. Is this normal? I use netfabb I there a way to alter the flow with the area? Thanks for the help in advanced.
  3. Thanks for all the help! I will try re-leveling to see if the problem persists and I will run a few testes to see how my skirt is printed. I just dont think I have the motor skills to level the bed while the print is going on...maybe in a few years time ahahaha.
  4. Hello fellow builders, I have had my Ultimaker up and running for a few weeks now. It’s been making some awesome prints but for some reason the first few layers (down skin) on some prints just tend to get "over extruded" and blob up in a few points (this normally happens on the ultra settings but now a days even the standard setting seem to be getting this. If I leave it there it gets ok by the infill. Does anyone have any idea on why?
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