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  1. Moving and need the space. Come with a decent selection of filament (woodfill, bronzefill, glow in dark etc..) No heated bed. £550 + delivery or come pick it up from North London. thanks, warren
  2. huzzah! thank you! had somehting jammed in the limit switch fixed now.
  3. hi - it's an original. I forgot to say i can rotate the z axis freely and easily by hand when it's off. thanks!
  4. hi all, ran into a problem this morning - my z axis (build plate) won't go up, only down - it just makes a ticking noise when try Prepare->Move Axis->Z or Auto Home any ideas? thanks! warren
  5. I'm using frogtape at the moment and it seems to be working ok on the 1st print.
  6. wow. the quiet retraction by maxy is truely awesome! much happier with my ultimaker now - don't feel like I'm going to drive the neighbours mad
  7. hi - thanks everyone. am going to try the quiet retraction parts solution from thingiverse : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53690 I agree, it might just have been a very noisy print show with all the other printers running saw the ultimaker 2 there - very impressed! thanks for your help. warren
  8. I went to the ultimaker stand at the london 3d printing show yesterday and saw a few of their ultimakers and discovered that my own ultimaker seemed to be a *lot* more noisy than the ones there. Here's a video - does your ultimaker make this much noise? if not, do you have any idea what could be up with mine? http://www.blockphoto.info/_temp/ultimaker.mov thanks!! warren
  9. thanks everyone - will try the oil first.
  10. when I start up my fairly new Ultimaker a lot of the time the fan underneath goes crazy, like really loud. do I need to replace the fan? here's a video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/40sqpcjwg5g4to4/Video%2005-06-2013%2010%2044%2024.mov thanks! warren
  11. hi - I kept having this issue - check if the blue light on top of the ultimaker is going off just before MIXTEMP - what;s happening is the connectors are being pulled out of the top of the printing block. there;s a clip which holds them in place but I've removed the wires from that clip and it works fine. see image
  12. At high speeds my ultiamaker can make quite a rattle.is that normal? video https://www.dropbox.com/s/99cd9ipmd1ludaj/Video%2004-06-2013%2010%2027%2003.mov thanks! warren
  13. hi - looks like it was a loose connection - wiggled the wires around a bit and checked the connections and it works fine now. Will do some more tests today on longer prints and see if it comes back. thanks for your help! warren
  14. hi - recently recieved a pressembled ultimaker and just getting into it (loving it btw). Worked ok for the first 5 prints or so but since doing the Marlin upgrade (or possibly a new PLA batch) have been getting both MINTEMP and MAXTEMP errors - am thinking it must be a sensor because the temperature ranges from between 10 and 400+ degress in a matter of seconds. uploaded a video of it failing here: http://www.blockphoto.info/_temp/ultimaker_error.mp4 any ideas? thanks in advance for help! warren
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