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  1. Thank you for checking. Chrome gave the message during download. It seems that Microsoft Remove Tool detected it, and indicated Filcout to be bundle with. Anyway, my antivirus did not detect anything either.
  2. I downloaded it but Chrome got it in the quarantine saying it is malicious code there. Did it happen to you?
  3. Thank you all of you. Great job done. I have installed these interfaces and I like them very much especially due to the fact that I am using alternatively two kinds of printers - Mendel with one extruder and Rostock with two extruders. Still I have a question, how I can define and implement a button for a certain function = Gcode instructions? I would like to implement few buttons but sorry my ignorance I do not know how. Could, please, someone help and explain? Thank you in advance.
  4. Yeah. If I select the automatic baud rate after two or three trials it connects. Unfortunately each trial takes up to 3 min but it works. If I select manually the baud rate it does not connect, just closes the port.
  5. No way to make the connection works. Strange thing is that 14.01 is working, all previous versions, but all other upgrades up to date do not work. I had in the past this issue with one version of MatterControl but in the next version they fixed the issue. There was a similar story version "N" did/does not want to connect but all versions, including, up to "N-1" and all versions starting "N+1" did/does work.
  6. I am sorry. Yes. They have been automatically installed at the end of installation when I installed Cura. Were there other drivers than those included in the installation package?
  7. Could, please, someone help with some advice? It is so frustrating not been able to print from Cura.
  8. Thank you for quick answer. Actually, I did try with two printers - Reprap Mendel and Rostock. Mendel has a Marlin Reprap (Meltzi board) version firmware and Rostock has latest Marlin version for delta printers. Strange thing is the fact that previously up to Cura 14.03 had no issue. The OS is windows xp. Thank you for help.
  9. I need help. Till Cura 14.03 I had no problem with connection to the printer. Since Cura 14.03 the connection does not work. I am not able to get it connected to the printer and I am using now Cura just for slicing which is very good and load the G-code into Repetier Host but I loved to slice with Cura and print also with. I tried manually the setup of port and baud rate, and also to change to auto detection - port and baud rate but still it does not work. Sometimes the program does not responding anymore and I must close Cura. I would really appreciate any advice.
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