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  1. I just wanted to thank everyone once again. I found that bed leveling wasn't the issue, but instead it was a thick first layer. The default first layer in Cura was 0.3, so I changed that to 0.0 (it said this would print each level the same) and slowed the speed down to 50 mm/s. The print came out perfectly I was so damned happy.
  2. I just re-calibrated using this and it was tremendously easier, so thanks a ton for that. Ultimaker needs to give themselves some credit and update the directions.
  3. Nice. Thanks for the reply, I couldn't find any documentation, but I realized the large hole fit around an axle and thought it couldn't be a coincidence. Thanks again.
  4. I thought this piece was to clean to be part of the laser cutting, but when I was done with assembly I had two of these. https://plus.google.com/photos/111070485779128774679/albums/5872013331658329297/5873534955922201138?banner=pwa&authkey=CM2isKbzzMap0AE Any idea what this is or is it just left overs?
  5. After spending a few hours leveling it seemed to problems came down to adhesion and proximity to print bed. For leveling, I used the paper between the nozzle and the bed. I used the bed wizard in Cura - Marlin. When I go to print around the edges, the front and left side of the bed is right on top of each other, yet the back and the right have a print-width gap in between, yet I can't find a picture anywhere of what that should look like. I'm interpreting it to mean the lines should be side-by-side. I printed a calibration triangle from Thingiverse. This is how it came out. *I am posting
  6. Which pyramid on Thingiverse is that? I've seen a Hollow, Lattice and Wire Frame.
  7. Thanks for all the advise. When it comes to the paper and the level of friction, should I be able to slip the piece of paper back in between the nozzle and the print bed or not? I've leveled with the paper already in place and sometimes when I pull the paper out there is a very faint "thunk" as the bed pushes back up. I would take that to mean the friction was too high (as was the bed). So should I be able to slip the paper back in with a little wiggling?
  8. Thanks Owen, that paper idea with bed leveling is a good idea. I'll give that a shot.
  9. I've got my Ultimaker set up, but I'm really struggling with the first layer. Here is a picture of the first layer (0), followed by the second. https://plus.google.com/photos/111070485779128774679/albums/5872013331658329297?authkey=CM2isKbzzMap0AE From what I have found, it sounds like an adhesion problem. The first thing I tried was applying isopropyl alcohol to the acrylic before taping, then applying a very small amount of the alcohol to the top of the tape. Putting the alcohol on the tape proved to be a total cluster, so I repeated the steps again wearing gloves so the oil from my han
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