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  1. Not going to happen I am afraid, All digital files belong to Marvel. So I couldn't make another one even if I wanted to.
  2. Version 1.0


    During my spell working in the Art department on 'Avengers Age of Ultron' I was asked by the production designer to build a prop to help dress the interior set of 'Stark Towers' The model was to show the new section of tower that replaced the damaged section from the original film. As I only had 4 weeks to build it (including 3d modelling) we needed to simplify the design a bit, hence the lower portion being in laser cut acrylic. Using my trusty Ultimakers I think I pulled off the desired effect, even if it only appeared in the movie for less than a second!
  3. Sander, yep it's in the movie, for less than a second! I think It is seen behind Cobie Smulders when she is talking to the Avengers over video link. I will sort out uploading it as a 3d print. I must dig out some stuff from Spectre and Guardians of the galaxy to show you guys.
  4. Not exactly my latest print as I made this 2 years ago now. Printed on my trusty UM2 + UMO. It was an architectual style presentation model to go in Stark Towers in 'Avengers Age of Ultron'. The top part is mostly 3d modelled in Fusion 360 and printed. The lower part was all laser cut from Acrylic. It took me about 4 weeks and appears in the film for about 1/2 a second!
  5. Sadly i don't have them anymore either :(
  6. I printed this bad boy earlier this year at the request of the production designer. Printed at various resolutions and speeds in about 25 pieces and total print time of 120hours+ rough wingspan was 550mm and it took a hell of a lot of paint and filler to get it to a stage to get it to be Nickel plated (most of it done by a talented friend)
  7. Mariem, Let the heated bed cool to room temperature and gently tap it from one side. If that fails pop the glass bed in the refridgerator for 10 mins and then it will just pop off.
  8. I use this stuff: It's very toxic, so must be used with care. It works on most plastics, ABS, Styrene, Acyrlic etc.
  9. As it's Valentines day and I'm a cheapskate I have printed my wife a rose. Printed in Faberdashery colours.
  10. Ian, I have modded the file to make it easier to print and use less support. I will put the file on Youimagine later today.
  11. Gr5, Thanks, I hoped so. thanks for you input. Bob
  12. Hi Daid, Just a quick question. I am using Cura 13.05.2 on the Mac. I am 57% through a print. It is currently 8.5mm in Z but will be 36mm (in Z) when it finishes. I thought ( i guess I am wrong) that the % done was based on layers? What is the % done on the Ulticontroller based on? Thanks Bob
  13. Thanks Callum, It's pretty much what I thought, I have been running the UM for 5-7 hours with no problem and I assumed they weren't getting any hotter than normal. It's just I wasn't sure what normal was! I have a couple of the Akasa chipset fans and now to find a PSU. Bob
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