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  1. Same here, running Win10. Cura 4.9 crashes every time I try to load a file. Back to 4.8 for now then.
  2. Not going to happen I am afraid, All digital files belong to Marvel. So I couldn't make another one even if I wanted to.
  3. Version 1.0


    During my spell working in the Art department on 'Avengers Age of Ultron' I was asked by the production designer to build a prop to help dress the interior set of 'Stark Towers' The model was to show the new section of tower that replaced the damaged section from the original film. As I only had 4 weeks to build it (including 3d modelling) we needed to simplify the design a bit, hence the lower portion being in laser cut acrylic. Using my trusty Ultimakers I think I pulled off the desired effect, even if it only appeared in the movie for less than a second!
  4. Sander, yep it's in the movie, for less than a second! I think It is seen behind Cobie Smulders when she is talking to the Avengers over video link. I will sort out uploading it as a 3d print. I must dig out some stuff from Spectre and Guardians of the galaxy to show you guys.
  5. Not exactly my latest print as I made this 2 years ago now. Printed on my trusty UM2 + UMO. It was an architectual style presentation model to go in Stark Towers in 'Avengers Age of Ultron'. The top part is mostly 3d modelled in Fusion 360 and printed. The lower part was all laser cut from Acrylic. It took me about 4 weeks and appears in the film for about 1/2 a second!
  6. So It was the bearings, I swapped the rods and bearings about from my UM2 and UM2+. Short story: bearings were duff. 3DGBIRE are sending me replacements, very impressed with their service. The surface quality on the prints was beginning to suffer. should be all good now. I'm loving the new heater in the UM2+ it allows me to print fast and thick with a 0.8mm nozzle. Bob
  7. Guys, stop being silly! The wobble is worse front to back but the head wobbles both ways! I tried turning the bearings around 45 degrees but that made no difference. I believe I will be getting some replacement bearings sent to me. I will let you kind fellows know. Thanks your your help Bob
  8. So I recently added a UM2+ to my colection of Ultimakers, I noticed from the start that it was much louder than my UM2 (which is over 2 years old). I also noticed the drop in quality in my prints since day 1 with it. It appears that the linear bearings in the print head are quite loose (not how they sit in the injection moulding) but the bearings themselves. here is a little video I shot (apologies for quality) wobbly head Is anyone else having the same Issues? I have put a ticket into the Uk reseller and I am awaiting their response. Please note this is not a dig at Ultimaker I'm just
  9. I have been using Fusion since early 2014 as an Enthusiast, I use it pretty much everyday and I am still using it for free.
  10. Thanks Sander, I am in contact with Ultimaker GB and hopefully this will be sorted soon.
  11. So is this a known fault with the Board?? I am encountering his again(despite lowering the current) If it is a fault with a batch of boards surely I should be able to get a replacement?
  12. I have dropped the current on both the Z & E and so far it seems to be working out. I only dropped both by 50 as a test but all good so far.
  13. Unfortunately I cannot do videos as taking photos/videos on my current project is cause for instant dismissal.
  14. Thanks Gr5. I will print some feet and see if I can find a fan to blow onto the board.
  15. And again...... this time there is a long retraction (as if changing material) So then there is no material in the hot end, and the printer air prints for a while until the material is fed back through! Do none of our resident experts have a view on this?
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